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Default The Forums

Forums and Their Purpose

New Forum Users
  • Forum Guide - Information on how to register and use the forums. This is a closed forum meaning you can not post in this forum.
  • Game Guide - The Game Guide has chapters in it to explain the different parts of game play of the game. This is a closed forum meaning you can not post in this forum.
  • Common Problems - This forum has helpful threads to guide you through what to do for commonly known problems that you may find. This is a closed forum meaning you can not post in this forum.
  • Known Issues, Glitches and Bugs - This forum lists items that we have found known problems that there isn't a known fix for as yet. These problems may be caused by Facebook or a problem in the game or just a warning about possible dangers. This is a closed forum meaning you can not post in this forum.
Help & Support
  • Help & Support - This forum is where you ask your questions and pose your problems regarding the game. There are numerous Official threads covering the most common subjects. To help us keep the forums easier to read and find the information you are trying to find, pleas reply to these threads rather than starting a new thread. If you cannot find a thread that fits your question then start a new thread.
  • News & Annoncements - This is the forum where the developers post the new release information. You cannot start a new thread in this area, but you can reply to the one thread that is open for posting. Please confine your posts in this forum to problems/comments about the current release.
Feedback & Suggestions
  • General Feedback - This forum is for you to provide feedback about the various aspects of the game and to have discussions about the same.
  • Suggestions -This forum is where you may post any suggestions you have to make the game better, or to add something new to the game. It is unique in that you cannot start a new thread here, but can only reply to existing threads. Please read the first post of the thread you wish to post in as that has a list of previous suggestions, so your idea may have already been suggested.
Social Forums
  • Farm Town Social - This forum is for socializing with your fellow farmers. There is a thread here specifically for requesting new neighbors and many others already set up to allow you to interact and visit with your fellow farmers.
  • Best Farms Contest - This forum has been set up for us to run contests for your farms and to provide prizes to ythose which are the best.
  • Other Languages - These forums are for those who are more comfortable with a language other than English. There are forums and sub-forums for Spanish, German, French, and Danish.

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