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Old Jan 16 2018, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by clogger View Post
I have lots of work to do on many farms, but don't expect people I hire to do it all. I hire for flowers only or trees only or fishing only. That way I only get people who are willing to do the flowers, trees, whatever, because that is what they are hired to do.

Personally I don't like people who hire for all jobs on all their farms, and don't accept their offers. I find a lot of those folks don't check what they have available, just hire for all work on all farms. It requires me to show all on each farm, only to find their are no trees ready or no flowers ready etc. Waste of my time and computer space.
its not necessary to show all, when you get hired and arrive on a farm, the appropriate tool appears for you to use.. once you have done all the available work with that tool, if you have been hired for other work then the tool for that work will appear so you go to preferences and tick the box to show those trees or flowers... once all is done, you go back to preferences and untick that box.. you never load farms with all boxes ticked if hired on big farms... this why so many get booted, their computer cannot handle all the data.. so the flash may stop working for them...I always check via my farm stats to see whats ready before hiring anyone..have gotten picky lately and only hire those I know for sure can do the work.. so many claim they can.. when in fact they can't... due to not knowing how to use the big tools etc..and so many in the market have never been to the forum, never read the Game Guide..
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Old Jan 20 2018, 01:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Angel7 View Post
I'm getting really really irritated at those people who come to get the crops, but leave the flowers and trees. They are willing to give up their bonuses just so they don't have to spend time doing it. Something needs to be done, either 1. punish them big time - maybe no xp's for any crops when there are items missed on previous farms? or 2. give them the big tools/benefits so they will do them (maybe rent the big tools to them for a percentage of the take). I don't have the money to buy every tool in the book, but I have small tools and loads of fuel, so they shouldn't complain. Something needs to happen here.
I have had people who not only left things undone but they chopped/harvested only the flowers and trees they wanted or needed and left the rest. I think the worker should get nothing,no crops no bonus and no xp's unless and until they finish the entire job they were hired to do.
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