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Old Oct 10 2017, 10:26 PM
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Default How to Become a Millionaire - Inquiring Minds

Hi Everyone - I started playing FT at the very beginning; but, had to stop for a long while because of real life commitments that didn't allow much extra time. I've started playing again in the last couple of months and there are so many changes; but, I love them! My dilemma is that I need to know how to make more $$ so I can expand my farms. The expansions that cost in the billions seem impossible; but, I see others with farms that size; so, there must be a way. Can anyone offer advice on how to make money? I can't afford to buy a whole lot of FC items; but, have purchased some with my money and with the FC earned. I hang out with Tom to get hired as much as possible. I work my farms and facilities constantly. What am I missing?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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