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Old Yesterday, 11:18 AM
Zany Clover Zany Clover is offline
Join Date: May 29 2009
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PLEASE, PLEASE create a way for a player to close his port e.g., when he's sick, on vacation, whatever, so his friends'/neighbors' ships don't get stranded there for hours. I've waited 10-12+ hours too many times. That's soooo frustrating. Nor do all of us feel comfortable leaving a facebk comment that we'll be away---seems like an open invite for some crazy to invade your property. --- I also like the idea that we be able to reshuffle the ports you give us to put some players early or later in the itinerary. THANKS!
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Old Yesterday, 12:19 PM
Holderdorn Holderdorn is offline
Join Date: Aug 03 2009
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PLEASE consider adding marble rock, clay block, graphite ore and chromite ore to the quarry car of the trains. We are always short of those and maybe change the amount of time it takes to get a batch of 200 from 8 hours down to at least 4 and why not increase the amount per time slot too ? There are so many products that need the marble rock that some never get started. I have 32 mines and can't keep up with the demand of the products. Thanks.
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Old Yesterday, 03:40 PM
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missq11111 missq11111 is offline
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How about dealing with ships and trains. Please give us the option to turn on and off our port/station. If we go on vacation for a couple weeks, or some thing that may come up where we cannot play. It is a job to keep up with ports and trains. This is a game and some people get very upset when they can't move forward. plus everyone is not on the same time zone. We could have to wait 10 hours or more during the time they are busy or sleeping. What if we just don't wait to do the trains and ships. Please give us a choice.
allow us to turn our ports and trains off and on.
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Old Yesterday, 06:09 PM
Mare Contrare Mare Contrare is offline
Join Date: Jun 11 2009
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Is there no way to boost a ship like we do trains and show it in the gift notifications? I have no ships, I will not have any ships, but I have people sending me messages asking to send their ship on. I always do, but only when I am on. It seems like you could do ships just like we do the trains. Otherwise, I'd like a way to opt out.
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