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Old Jun 29 2019, 09:10 PM
ltlred1952@aol.com ltlred1952@aol.com is offline
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My suggestion does not have a thread. I have 2 suggestions. I think there is a need for a distribution center for the bottled products..(beer, liquor, wine to name a few. Also why not a super Super Market( Walmart like). Limitless items could be used there. Thanks for your time.
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Old Jul 19 2019, 03:11 PM
Majik Merlin Majik Merlin is offline
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Suggestion re Service Facilities and Production Factories.

One - how about when you introduce a new 'pair' that one be FC and the other be coins. You could trade off - one time The Service facilty be coins, the next time the Factory be coins.

Second - How about having products in the facilities be from other factories/facilities and not just the partner - surely there are products in other factories that would fit in many of the Services.
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Old Jul 27 2019, 11:06 AM
littlesallysanctus's Avatar
littlesallysanctus littlesallysanctus is offline
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Maybe with the woods possibly a Whittlers/carpenter hobby facility. Items can be sold in existing shops.
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Old Jul 30 2019, 01:53 PM
Sandie May Angel Sandie May Angel is offline
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Location: Toronto, Canada
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With the new condos and apartment buildings, how about making them facilities to collect rents or mortgages? You can set up prices for 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms to collect rents or mortgages. Then you can also create a rental or sales office as the Client Services. I think this would be great!
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Old Aug 21 2019, 02:39 PM
Eltina Flowers Eltina Flowers is offline
Join Date: Jul 22 2014
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How about some more bands please? Country music, 60's retro rock n roll band, folk group, hilly billy band, etc. Thanks
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Old Aug 24 2019, 01:54 PM
patticake72 patticake72 is offline
Join Date: Aug 28 2015
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I would like to suggest that we add facilities such as bridge building supply's & contractors. Also, road crew contractors. It would be awesome to be able to sell fertilizer in the farm supply store. Pole barn contractors & manufactures. Home builders. And anything that will use up my huge stock of metal sheets. Last idea-please make than available for coins.
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Old Aug 27 2019, 06:56 PM
Ferbylicious Ferbylicious is offline
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We need an Airport please!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance
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Old Aug 29 2019, 02:47 AM
kenster3 kenster3 is offline
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I would like to see oil derricks added to the store to complement the oil pump also maybe add natural gas facility and maybe tanker ships to add to the fleet would be cool and maybe add some structures to build a military base like quonset huts etc for us veterans who play the game

also maybe add some service flags like Army Navy Air Force etc perhaps add some ems flags to fly on our farms to show respect for first responders Paramedics etc Thank you
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Old Aug 29 2019, 04:49 PM
Join Date: Nov 13 2009
Location: south lincs uk
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Default fuel

Now that the world is always on about going green how about a facility to turn certain crops into fuel things like beets,sugarcane, and a new crop rapeseed,and it would help us who struggle to get more fuel.
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Old Sep 06 2019, 10:49 AM
Susan Canning Susan Canning is offline
Join Date: Nov 22 2013
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How about a biscuit factory? could be used to make fig rolls, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, custard creams, bourbon creams and others.

Chocolate chip could be added to the chocolate factory and used foe other things like mint chocolate chip ice cream. We are overdue a new flavour of icecream.

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