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Old Jul 18 2018, 07:35 AM
Sadsu Sadsu is offline
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LOAD WHITE ROSE BOUQUET: White Rose Bouquet, White Rose. 4 days.
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Old Jul 18 2018, 09:46 AM
LizaLee LizaLee is offline
Join Date: May 21 2010
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Please let me know what you buy, I may need it also.
I usually have more than enough ingredients to share so even if I don't have the final facility there are usually plenty of ingredients for those of you with a similar quest

Milk with Coffee --- cow milk, coffee beans, ground coffee, Milk with coffee. 4.4 days

Air Filter Mask --- pine logs, latex, paper roll, air filter mask. 5 days


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Old Jul 18 2018, 01:27 PM
BabsLeb BabsLeb is offline
Join Date: Nov 16 2010
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Produce Minion Mascot, 2 days: crude oil barrel, walnuts, blueberries, sunflowers, soybean, petrochemical barrel, silkworms, black ink, blue ink, yellow ink, plastic granules, polyester fiber, velvet textile roll.

Load Cowbell, 3.6 days: copper ore, leather roll, copper, sheet, cowbell.

Produce Flat Glass Sheet, 3.9 days: soda crystals, quartz rock.

Happy shopping!


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Old Yesterday, 04:04 AM
Hayseed C Hayseed C is offline
Join Date: Sep 04 2009
Location: UK
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Flat Bow and Arrows - flax, maple log pile, turkey feathers, linen yarn, maple lumber pile

Binoculars - walnuts, soybeans, soda crystals, quartz rock,
flat glass sheet, plastic granules black ink, lens, aluminum ore, aluminum sheet

Grape Jelly - lemons, oranges, sugarcane, pectin, sugar, purple grapes

Oriental Rug - sunflowers, beets, soybean, sheep wool,
yellow ink, red ink, cotton

If you buy anything please leave a note on my farm, I might need the same.
If I've run out of something let me know and I'll try to re-stock

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Old Yesterday, 04:20 PM
Tiger Laybourne's Avatar
Tiger Laybourne Tiger Laybourne is offline
Join Date: Mar 12 2010
Location: UK but i'd rather be somewhere hot and sunny :) with a swimming pool!
Posts: 6,680

Edible Shack - Edible Shack, alfalfa, honey jar, tapioca starch, glycerol, bamboo log, cassava.

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Old Yesterday, 08:17 PM
MaryinVA MaryinVA is offline
Join Date: May 31 2009
Posts: 26

In production: 3 hrs.. Load Bolster: sunflowers, soybean, silk worms, yellow ink, turkey feathers, silk textile roll, bolster.

Produce Cheeseburger: wheat, cow milk, flour, sesame seeds, meat, cheese, burger bread.

Produce Caramel Food Color: sugarcane, glycerol, lye, lemons, molasses.

Produce Chips Set: sunflowers, soybean, pine log, yellow ink, paper roll, clay block.

Load Mailbox Rentals: aluminum ore, aluminum sheet, mailbox rentals.
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Old Yesterday, 11:06 PM
kimba_61 kimba_61 is offline
Join Date: Aug 11 2009
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Default Co-Op Quests:

Load 25 x Foundation in a service faciltiy - Foundation; Talc Rock; Coconut Oil; Beige Pigment; Coconuts; Clay Block
Load 400 x All Citrus Waterin a service facility - All Citrus Water; Lemons; Limes; Oranges; Grapefruits
Load 50 x Car Door Wedge in a sevice facility - Car Door Wedge; Rubber Sheet; Nylon Roll; Black Pigment; Latex; Turpentine; Petrochemical Barrel; Walnuts; Crude Oil Barrel
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co-op ingredients

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