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Old Oct 21 2019, 10:56 AM
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Default Shrinking window when sending gifts from the Gift Page

Shrinking window when sending gifts from the Gift Page!

UPDATE 26th October 2019 - It looks like Facebook fixed this unintentionally today as they have not reported that they fixed it, however as they may have not meant to fix it, please be aware that it may break again.

Known Issue October 21st 2019
- When you go to send gift from the Send Gift tab, the box with the list of your friends names is very fast to shrink!

This is a Facebook caused issue and will likely affect some other games as well as it has in the past. Facebook had to fix it last time and have fixed it previous times. It can take them several days or even more to fix it, we will have to wait for them to fix it again this time.

You will be able to use My Requests to Exchange/Accept and Return any gifts already sent to you in the meantime so at least some of your friends will get gifts.
The developers are aware that this issue has returned again and have contacted Facebook about it!

UPDATE We're sorry to inform you that Facebook has responded and said that they can not fix the shrinking window at this time, so our developers will try to find a workaround for you in the next few weeks. There is a notice at the top of the screen telling you this when you try to send a gift from the Send gift page.

Please understand that the developers are very busy with migrating the game away from flash and the game servers are currently being moved to another location so this could not have arrived at a worse time for them, which is why we are going to have to wait. We can only apologize for you having to put up with this, but this problem was not caused by Slashkey.

In the meantime we do have this method. However, it is by no means ideal, not everyone will be able to do it if they don't have the right kind of mouse and mouse settings, AND you do need to be VERY QUICK to be able to do it:

You need a mouse with a wheel that when you press down on the wheel, without scrolling the wheel, it will open a new tab in your browser. You may have to check your mouse settings to see if it will let you set it to do that. You can test your mouse wheel by finding any Farm Town post and hover your mouse over it and then click down on the wheel. If it opens the bonus/ingredient/facility work in a new tab then you can try this method.
  1. From the Send gift page, select your gift...... here comes the difficult part because the window shrinks very fast....
  2. As soon as you click "Proceed to send, you need to get your mouse over the All Farmers and click down on your mouse wheel without scrolling it, BEFORE it closes to much. All Farmers is indicated with the red arrow in the picture below:

  3. If you have succeeded a tab will open to a list of your friends that does not shrink. You can then filter the list to what you want and send your gifts. Remember after clicking on Send for each person, you need to click on Done at the bottom of the window so the gifts will be sent.
  4. If you have more than 50 to send to just, after you have sent your first lot of gifts, click the back arrow in your browser and the list will reappear. However doing that, means the list does not clear who you already sent to, so you will have to remember what list you used and who was the last person you sent to so you can send to the farmers listed after that.

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