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Old Mar 25 2013, 08:27 PM
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Arrow Levels, Leveling Up and Experience Points

This thread is for reporting problems concerning levels, leveling up and experience points. Please read the following information BEFORE posting in this thread. Thank you!

Check Out The Game Guide: Chapter 25 Levels and Unlocking Everything you need to know about levels is included here.

Before you post about a problem with the levels please note that the current top level is 1150.

If you would like to report missing experience points:

Include in your post,

1. What task you were doing when you didn't get XP Points:
2. How many points do you believe you lost:
3. Your server number (this will show in your chat box when you first load your farm E.g. W31)

Please Note:

1. Be aware that providing this information will not result in a reimbursement of xp, coins or in any adjustments to your farmtown account.

2. If you find that you have earned enough experience points but your level did not change or new items were not unlocked in the store that should have been, reload the game by pushing the play button.

3. If the level indicator is not moving, moving very slowly or only says 'experience points' when you hover your cursor over it, refer to the game guide to ensure that you are not already at the last level available.

On rare occasions the developers have released an award of 2 Farm Cash per level instead of 1 Farm Cash per level. The levels you will recieve this are the following...
386-400 (15 levels)
476-500 (25 levels)
976-1000 (25 levels)

This thread is for players to report problems only. Any off topic posts will be removed by a moderator without notice to the user.

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