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Old Jan 08 2020, 10:19 PM
earlgray earlgray is offline
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I think you should put a "refresh" button on the cooperative quest manager, so I don't need to keep closing and reopening it. Please and thank you.
p.s. - I know the latest update allows me to refresh when I'm going through my neighbors co-op quests (which is a big help, thank you!), but I'm referring to the situation where I'm getting ingredients from non-neighbors.
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Old Jan 17 2020, 12:57 PM
TerriFlynn TerriFlynn is offline
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I think an option in the FACILITY CHAINS MANAGER to either EXPORT or IMPORT all would have more farmers use this. It takes forever to go thru each one.
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Old Jan 23 2020, 03:11 PM
aceyducey aceyducey is offline
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I would like to suggest that for Cooperative Quests, if a farmer does not have that facility, the Quest should not be seen by him/her. It causes a lot of extra time just checking on that Quest when doing a another Quest that you have a facility for. This is so I don't click on unnecessary products.
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Old Jan 24 2020, 02:39 AM
texans texans is offline
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Default Facility Chain Manager

My proposal that we improve the Facility Chain Manager as such, because still things in there says "Coming Soon" still has not came. lol Must have forgotten. We need things to be simpler. Something that will be faster, here is my idea.

We allow import all, we can include from certain neighbors, products, facilities, etc.

Or, have them listed in a drop down kind of way to show all that came in with the facility next to it or something. More Professional look.

Same thing with the exporting everyone that is eligible to have products given or exported to them are not all mixed up in a drop down and you have to search for it then go through it again, no. All is at the top. Click, click, click. Everyone that has not cleared out doesn't appear. Done. Simple. Make it also Professional. We love it looking nice!!!

Or, do something similar like a list sort of thing. With a facility next to it, but sharp looking. We expect you are all professionals.

Thanks so much.

Hope that this gives you some ideas!!!
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Old Feb 04 2020, 09:50 AM
ctu1010166 ctu1010166 is offline
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Default Wishing an option to cancel imposible quest

Hi Dev!
I think we can cancel an imposible quest to make room for another quest.
EX: I got a quest that need Farmcash Facility, but I can't buy it. So the quest occupied 1 slot until they expire.
So can we have an option to cancel the quest (may be some restriction - FC penalty, once a week...)
And, I think we can modify the rule:
not "last 7 days", but "total in the week/month".
EX: From GMT+0, the Monday (or 1st day) to the 23:59, the Sunday (or the last day of month), the total of completed quest decide the reward (may be total quest DIV 4)
Thank for reading my words.
Best regard!
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Old Feb 06 2020, 07:09 AM
guess who guess who is offline
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Posts: 44

Not so sure the new scoring system will work any better than the old. Basically the trouble with the whole chain quest is,we have a few that really try placing the facilities up and doing their neighbours. Certain groups such as mine i have more than 60% of neighbours that do one factory or so just to get the goodies from 10th place. So we are competing with groups that all get in and do the fair share. We may have 200 more facilities than others and it would still be useless. The only way to make the scoring system work is if you don't work other neighbours facilities and don't put your facilities up to be worked then you cannot enter. Therefore it should take at least two facilities (farm coin ones)total possible score from 0% to at least 60% before your score gets you on the chain.Then the scoring should be worked on a basis of how many xp you place in for each facility and how many xp you donate when working your chain quest neighbours facilities.

Last edited by Taz D; Feb 06 2020 at 11:07 AM.
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Old Feb 15 2020, 03:16 PM
majarmus majarmus is offline
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Default Weekly Quests & Weekly Co-Op Quests

I have been playing FT and doing the QUESTs (Q) and CO-OP QUESTs (CQ) for a long time. One week after you start your Q or CQ you can earn / collect 1 FT $ or 2 FT $$ for EACH (Q or CQ) if you complete enough of EACH (Qs and CQs) within the 7 day time period. When I began doing the Qs and CQs, I was completing my week (7 days) early in the morning in the day. The longer that I have been playing FT, the collection (week) keeps moving later in the day so that it is getting to the point where I will be ASLEEP at NIGHT when my week (7 days) completes and I should be able to collect what I have earned for that week, but I will not be able to collect my earned 1 FT $ or 2 FT $$ because I will be SLEEPING. I will miss out on collecting what I have earned for that week (either that or I will have to WAKE UP in the middle of the night just to go to FT to collect what I have earned during the past week from playing FT. This is happening because I am NOT always available to be playing FT EXACTLY when my week (7 days) are up. Also, I ALWAYS get a false message that says "NOT ENOUGH Q or CQ completed" when the week (7 days) are up --- WHICH IS NOT TRUE ... this message gets displayed because of a timing thing of when and how often FT updates the Qs and CQs data for the farmer.

It sure would be NICE / HELPFUL if FT made the collection time of the last day of the 7 days to be 20 hours instead of 1 full day (24 hours). This would be EXACTLY the same as FT allows farmers to begin a NEW Q once a day (every 20 hours); FT's 1 day crops being being ready 20 hours after they are planted, not 24 hours; the CHICKEN COOP building allows farmers to harvest the animals in the chicken coop ONCE A DAY, which is 20 HOURS, not 24 hours. Doing this ... would allow farmers to COLLECT their earned FT $ / $$ for doing the Qs and CQs at the same time EACH WEEK, rather than this time getting pushed back later and later and later in the day. For example, a farmer can COLLECT their EARNED FT $ / $$ at 12 noon local time on Monday of EACH WEEK ... instead of the time for a farmer to COLLECT their EARNED FT $ / $$ EACH week moving to later and later and later in the day on Monday (moving toward mid-night from 12 noon, which is going to happen to me soon).

This IMPROVEMENT would be GREATLY appreciated by many if NOT all farmers who play FT and who do the Qs and CQs weekly!

I have attached 2 files (pictures) of where I COMPLETED 13 CQs in the 7 days, yet FT gave me a message that said NOT ENOUGH QUESTS COMPLETED. In the 1st example I completed my 13th CQ on the last day (Monday) of my week. The 2nd example I did NOT complete my 13th CQ on the last day (Monday) of my week, but rather I completed my 13th CQ on Sunday, the day BEFORE the 7 day weekly timer was reached. You can see at the bottom of both examples that I have MET the REQUIREMENT to complete 13 CQs in the 7 day time period, thus, the message FT displayed was NOT CORRECT!

Thank you for considering this as a HIGH PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT to the FT game!
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Old Feb 25 2020, 04:26 AM
Vivienne57 Vivienne57 is offline
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Default Facility Chains Manager

I think I may have mentioned this before. Can we have an export all and import all button. The facility chains manager is so time consuming and because it is so time consuming I tend not to bother with it very often. I would willingly pay FC for a export and import all button. Thanks
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Old Feb 29 2020, 07:02 PM
dorissau dorissau is offline
Join Date: Sep 30 2009
Location: Texas, U.S.A.
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Now that our Facility Chain's have gotten so large, I noticed that many of my neighbors have stopped playing. It is due for a major updating. It would make it more attractive if the exports came up like the imports ... only those people who can receive exports would show. It takes forever to scroll through all the names and every time we send one, it goes back to the beginning.
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