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Old May 25 2015, 04:49 PM
Farmer YoMomma Farmer YoMomma is offline
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I had 8 completed quests.
I decided to claim 1 farm cash for the 3 completed quests required and thought i that the 5 remaining completed quests would be carried over as it was within 7 days.
They disappeared! Perhaps a warning should pop up before players claim Farm cash telling them that any other completed quests would be lost might be helpful?
I am livid to say the least!
Also I am well aware that the aim of the game is to have members spend as much as possible, but it is ridiculous to expect players to buy so many facilities in order to complete quests. I have 5 quests open at the moment 4 of which I dont have facilities for even though I have over 80 different facilities.
Quests that are unable to be completed should have the option of cancelling it and trying again with another. Its rather annoying as a lot of quests seem to include a faciliiy not bought yet...funny that isnt it?
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Old May 26 2015, 12:26 PM
dorissau dorissau is offline
Join Date: Sep 30 2009
Location: Texas, U.S.A.
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Is it possible to notify us in some way about the products that someone BUYS from us in the co-quests? We get a notice that someone sold us products, but we already know that from the quest picture. It would be nice to note when some product is missing from our storage.
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Old May 26 2015, 06:44 PM
charlottenative charlottenative is offline
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Default Quests and facilities

The store already has the ability to filter owned and not owned facilities. Since the code exists, it seems not unreasonable for the quest generator to be able to have the same function, or at least to be aware of the player's level in the game. It's one thing to set up a quest requiring a facility bought with FC, it would be ridiculous, imo, to spend say 32 FC to "earn" one or two, but the player gets to make the choice. When the facility required is bought with coins but requires a level much above that the players is currently on, well, that's just mean. This has happened to me twice now.

So my suggestion is, write some code enabling the quest generator to require only facilities at or below the player's current level. This would preserve the randomness, while allowing the player to decide whether to buy the facility in order to complete the quest, just like with the FC facilities.
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Old May 28 2015, 11:36 AM
akenney88 akenney88 is offline
Join Date: Jan 27 2015
Posts: 1

Thank you for the blue dots in the neighbor section and for the separate box that opens for those neighbors doing cooperative quests. My suggestion is this: Can you also make something like this available for the buddy list?
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Old Jun 02 2015, 02:34 AM
bruhelmboldt's Avatar
bruhelmboldt bruhelmboldt is offline
Join Date: Apr 25 2009
Location: Redmond, WA, USA
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I'd like a tab at the top of just a single quest box letting us switch back and forth between the two types of quests, please.
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Old Jun 03 2015, 02:07 PM
meirwen59@aol.com meirwen59@aol.com is offline
Join Date: Jan 06 2011
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I have been doing Co-op quests for a while now and would like to point out/suggest something. To help our neighbours, quests are left open as long as possible but this seems to have a detrimental effect on the most hard to come by/ maintain sufficient quantities of items such as crude oil , kaolin clay rock , petrochemical barrels and plastic granules to name a few. Also if we get a quest we are unable to complete which requires these products there is no way of preventing our own stocks diminishing. Either could the production of these items be increased or a way developed to delete that particular quest ? I really enjoy helping my neighbours as this has always been a social game but fear that less farmers will continue participating with the quests if it continues to be detrimental to our own quantities regardless of the much needed farm cash available. Thank you for reading
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Old Jun 17 2015, 02:36 PM
DJV Eastman DJV Eastman is offline
Join Date: Sep 26 2011
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I see the more I play the quests, the more that I have to buy facilities with farm cash. I have spent way too much to keep up with the quests already. I think the facilities if not already acquired should at least allow for coin collection if not able to finish the quest due to lack of facility. Quests should equal what a player has in their facility acquirement already and not be forced to do one after the other, 4 in a row already that farm cash is required to purchase the facility to finish quest. Please can this be worked on?
I would have made a new thread, but for some reason I am not allowed.
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Old Jun 21 2015, 10:32 AM
Stu3 Stu3 is offline
Join Date: Nov 04 2013
Location: Just Around the Corner
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ok so we have the ability to add help notes on the CQ's we also have the ability for them to be returned if they are not required good point. A number of people i know who dont have some of the original Quest buildings that are farm cash who for example start it then find out they can not complete or those who have useless lifelines why is there not the ability to remove the Lifeline example is 1 person i know had a quest to make rubber sheet however they dont have the oil refinary (petrochemical barrel) they clicked to get a lifeline and (if they had a gift that would have been no problem, if they had a employee ll that would be no problem, however they recieved a Trader lifeline.
A latex tree is a gift tree so its highly doubtful they couldnt get one of those to harvest, and they could buy the rubber mill to finish the quest however they had to leave this quest open and lose their 8 quests due to the fact this did not expire till their time was up so they lost fc due to the fact there was useless lifelines provided if the lifelines can be removed before the final step is started this would help alot of people who are needing the farm cash for they amount ogf things you need farm cash for so this either needs to be sorted out or you need to add a from facilities option in the trader lifeline
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Old Jun 21 2015, 10:49 AM
PK...'s Avatar
PK... PK... is offline
Join Date: Jun 14 2009
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Removing the lifeline would be a nice feature - it should be removed BEFORE it was used on anything...

But perhaps giving us all three lifelines to choose from, initially. When we select one for a quest, we then have the other two left to choose for other quests that are pending. The lifelines would rotate back to the list as quests are finished.. It would make the player do some thinking before just clicking the lifeline, and might prevent those horrid clicks you wish you could take back because you did not check the quest closely enough prior to clicking the lifeline...

Some of those quests can tie up an unusable lifeline for 9 days... That seems a bit excessive...

That might also prevent losing a quest because one of the facilities you need is not available for another 50 levels! I find that completely unfair, and downright mean... (Ok, so maybe not mean... ;0))

One more thing... Since we have to do the LAST STEP on our own, please, please, please, let us work client facilities to get the needed item to load as an employee... Not allowing that, means you have to do the two last steps on our own... I would appreciate you considering these possibilities for future updates...


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Old Jun 28 2015, 08:26 AM
windella windella is offline
Join Date: Jun 21 2009
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I love doing the quests but am now frustrated at the amount of buildings that actually need me to purchase with farm cash. You can't earn enough playing the game to buy all the facilities needed to finish a quest. For instance, I'm halfway through a big quest today and now realize there are TWO buildings in this quest that I don't have. Both them require about 35 farm cash. That's nuts. I will continue playing the game but I will not do anymore quests that require me to constantly purchase buildings that cost ME money/
I also think that we should get 1 farm cash per quest rather than 2 for 7.
Last- a way to see who is playing/working quests in the market place. A different color for name plate or a blue dote. Something. Thanks
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