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Old Mar 26 2015, 08:02 PM
lillyobrien lillyobrien is offline
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Please do something different with the regular quest life line! It is soooo frustrating to get those useless lifelines!
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Old Mar 26 2015, 10:00 PM
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also needed is a way to opt out of quests that cannot be reasonably completed! I have a quest that requires me to spend 62FC to complete, in order to qualify for ONE FC. I'm stuck with this quest for another 6 days and it will just sit there until it expires.

I realize this is just a "cosmetic" issue, but it IS annoying.


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Old Mar 27 2015, 01:25 AM
neeschmidt neeschmidt is offline
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I have an issue with the same countdown clock that dorissau has that posted days ago. Why is it that when 7 days are up that I lose everything I have worked for? I can't claim the three I completed because it hasn't been 7 days. Then I work a shift and I lost 6 quests I completed during those 7 days. It should be that on the 7th day, that one quest quest should drop off, not all of them. Or set it up that we can claim our cash in the 3 quest completion end time.

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Old Apr 04 2015, 11:42 AM
cbl456 cbl456 is offline
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Default Delete quests

I would also like to request that we have the ability to delete quests. When I have a bit of FC, most of the quests I receive I would be required to use FC to purchase a facility. I know the system can't tell which facilities I have, but it seems it can tell when I have a bit if FC I enjoy working through the quests, but I would like the ability to be able to delete the ones I don't want to do.

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Old Apr 06 2015, 11:21 AM
RoseArienh RoseArienh is online now
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Please add the option of deleting quests. Right now, I have two quests that I cannot complete because I don't own the facilities and three that must wait to be completed because I don't want to lose credit for them when my new week starts sometime tomorrow afternoon. (There are three completed quests waiting for FC collection tomorrow.)

If I could have deleted those two quests, I would have at least had a chance to complete eight this week. But I can't take the opportunity to even try, because only five quests can be active at any one time. Had I been able to start a new quest this morning and tomorrow morning, I would have had that chance.

Not being able to complete a quest because of unowned facilities is not my favorite thing, but I can live with it. I appreciate the opportunity to earn FC via quests, and I'm not of the opinion that Farm Town owes me anything. However, it is extremely frustrating to not have the ability to at least try.
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Old Apr 06 2015, 03:42 PM
gizzwizz gizzwizz is offline
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my suggestion for the ordinary quests is to do with the lifelines, if you have a quest but cannot do it for the lack of the facilities, but have used the lifeline, it would be good if when you started a new quest that there was a lifeline available for it rather than it being locked to the first one - I hope I explained that correctly
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Old Apr 14 2015, 04:13 AM
anotherfarmer anotherfarmer is offline
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It is so annoying to just get 1 lifeline..... even when check last factory and own it, up comes the second last one that dont own........ then have to wait days for it to expire just to get lifeline......
$$ talks lately with FT ..

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Old Apr 24 2015, 02:28 AM
boduke66 boduke66 is offline
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My suggestion is for the regular quests,say you have a quest that requires you to get an ingredient from a tree,as is you have to search for the tree to harvest them,my suggestion is to load that particular tree right from the quest and then harvest that tree,thus saving you an extra step,thank you for listening.
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Old May 02 2015, 09:30 PM
Crystal Crystal is offline
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We need to have a way to delete unattainable quests. Not everyone has all the facilities and I always get the quests for work in facilities I do not have then I am stuck on them until they expire and usually I end up with 3-4 that I can not do.
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Old May 04 2015, 04:00 PM
leighwj1960 leighwj1960 is offline
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I currently have 3 open quests that I will not be able to finish because I don't have the facility needed. These quests are all very long quests so I would love to be able to close the quest if at least half the initial time period has passed and no more open slots for quests. In other words if someone had 5 quests open and it was time to open a new quest we could be given the option of closing one of the already open quests to make room for a new one.
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