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Old May 05 2018, 01:09 PM
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Default Edge, IE and Safari Problems

Edge and Internet Explorer: Facebook made security changes in the past that have caused these 2 browsers to not be able to send gifts or train boost requests because the pop ups will not open to select who to send them to.

It appears Facebook has again made changes that these browsers will no longer show the pop ups for sending ingredient requests or facility and service posting. Using the Return Gift in the My Request tab also will not show the pop up for that along with locking up your Farm Town tab.

There is nothing Farm Town can do to fix these issues for these browsers, so the only recommendation we can make is to NOT use these browsers at all.

Safari: We have had reports from Mac computer users that when they try to open the Send Gifts or My Requests tabs then Safari will crash. The only recovery is to close and reopen Safari. We do not have any way to test this nor any solution for it except to use a different browser.

We have had a couple report back that it cleared up in Safari a couple days later, but there isn't any known reason why it fixes itself and this may not happen for everyone.

NOTE: When you change to another browser be sure to set up the browser to allow 3rd party cookies and pop ups using the instructions in the following link:

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