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Old Jun 23 2015, 09:08 PM
Farmer YoMomma Farmer YoMomma is offline
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Sorry but there isn't a section in which to post

I started playing farm town about 7 years ago and after a few months lost interest, recently I began playing again and have since advanced from level 52 to level 627...the thing is, a lot has been added to the game, which is fantastic.
But with greater things come greater expectations. I'm not talking out of the ball park expectations either.
So it may be a good idea to perfect whats already there instead of concentrating on expansion.
There are still some issues now, which were there going back seven years ago, like farm cash for instance. I think we all know that farm cash must be purchased to keep the game up and running...but most people do at one time or another purchase farm cash, considering the amount of players there are now compared to then this should make farm cash cheaper, or farm cash items cheaper.
And if not that, then at least players should be able to sell farm cash tools among themselves, after all, once players pay for any farm cash, its only natural they will feel they have some kind of say in how it is spent, I mean, farm town all too easily takes real cash at the click of a button, without even insisting on a password before they have that cash out of whoever is buying, so how about getting real with sums?
Any thoughts on farm town changing farm cash rules are quickly ushered away and requests by many folk who have posted on here are constantly ignored.
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Old Jun 25 2015, 01:28 PM
WyoSugar WyoSugar is offline
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Just about everyone I know, runs out of pearls, amber, etc. It would be really, really, really helpful if you could make them workable by our neighbors Thanks
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Old Jun 26 2015, 12:04 PM
Rubyta Rubyta is offline
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Default Increase the ammount of baits

Is there a way that could increase the amount the baits in fish farm facilities. I think it's very little that amount which provides the factory. And time is very long six hours for only 250 baits. I bought six factories freckles and does not provide enough baits.

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Old Jun 26 2015, 03:55 PM
sandy_wmd sandy_wmd is offline
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Default Stocking Products in More Service Facilities

The Ballet Shoes from the Shoe Factory should be stockable in the Dance service facility (can't check the name right now, I'm one of the ones who can't connect now).

The items from the Fair Food Factory should be stockable in the Fair Food Stand. Or change the name to something less misleading.
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Old Jun 26 2015, 04:25 PM
sandy_wmd sandy_wmd is offline
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Default Spelling Error

I keep forgetting to post this, and now that I can't play because of the FaceBook/FarmTown connection issue I finally got around to it.

In the frozen treats facility, you can make a Watermellon Popsicle (which requires watermelons to produce).
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Old Jun 27 2015, 09:31 AM
Rozie Farmer
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Hello it is me again :-)
Please let us upload the roasted nuts in a service facility: the Gift Shop or the stall with fruits? Please?
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Old Jun 28 2015, 05:57 PM
marymarcel's Avatar
marymarcel marymarcel is offline
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From the Spanish Forum

Carmen Elisa Romero: increase production for red, yellow and blue inks.

juvielwa: increase production for iron ore, copper ore,, crude oil, pearl oysters, amber rock,silver nuggets, kaolin klay rock, quartz rock. Also for some products from the Semi Trailer (meat, ham, carbonated water, leather roll).



Granjera desde el 29 de Julio 2009
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Old Jun 28 2015, 06:20 PM
sandy_wmd sandy_wmd is offline
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Default Better balance of Food and "Thing" facilities

With a few exceptions, when we get an update the new coin facilities let us produce (and sell) "things", and the new FC facilities let us produce food items. I much prefer making food, since this is a farm, but it takes longer to earn FC than it does coins, so I can't get all the new facilities. Since each update typically has 2 new coin facilities and 2 FC facilities, I'd like to see more food facilities as the coin facilities.
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Old Jun 29 2015, 09:15 AM
plantation lover plantation lover is offline
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Have suggestions about different issues related to the game of Farm Town

1. Need For Super Oil Pump

As there are many players owning many facilities on many of their farms and who are in desperate need for CRUDE OIL , which runs out quickly due to the fact that it's an ingredient of many other products , I'd suggest that you offer an oil pump ( SUPER OIL PUMP ) which can be bought from store with Farm Cash and this super oil pump should produce double the amount of crude oil than the regular one and it has a different distinguished color , just similar to the idea of Stone windmill that produces more flour that the regular red windmill ,,

2.Baits :
From the beginning of the game and up to now tha Fishing Plant produces the same little amount of Baits ( 7,000for each type of bait) despite the fact that you already permitted and encouraged layering waterways which apparently require huge amount of bait , the amount of Baits produced by
the Fishing Plant is not enough and getting additional Baits from gifts is very time consuming it takes hours and hours
Hence , the amount of Baits produced by the Fishing Plant should fairly Commensurate the idea of layering waterways ( at least the Fishing plant should yield an amount of 7,000,000 of Bait for both type )

Or - as I'd see a better suggestion - that you offer a tool in the store devoted to Fish ( lakes and seas ) which would work in a similar way the Fertilizer works on crops , trees and flowers , that is , once this tool is applied to waterways the lakes and seas becomes " baited " right away .

Still more , just like the Sprinkler shortens the Time crops and trees and flowers need to grow , it will be great to have a similar tool used for fishing which will shorten the time the Fish get ready .

Finally , having written these suggestions , I am sure that many players are looking to see these ideas become true .Thank You .

Sincerely ,
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Old Jun 29 2015, 12:02 PM
Ohcanti Ohcanti is offline
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Default Facilities Manager, Ingredient Planner

Is it at all possible to adjust this particular window so that it opens on another tab just as this forum does?

With so very many entries on the planner now, it can sometimes (most of the time actually), take a very long time to jump back and forth from the planner to the actual game to do what needs to be done because one has to select the options each time one opens the planter. (Unless you want the default settings.)

Another option might be to fix it so that the alternative options one selects remain selected until one logs off of FT.
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