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Old Oct 13 2011, 12:25 AM
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Arrow Markets/Chat/Messaging

This Thread is for reporting issues at either Marketplace or with In Game Messages. Please see the following posts in the Game Guide to read about those features before you post

Chapter 02 Basics What is the Marketplace for?
Chapter 17 - The messaging system

Cannot see people or chat in the Market Place or Inn

If you are experiencing this problem please try the suggestions listed below..

1. Reset your language. Many members have reported that their language had changed on its own. English is the best setting for the most people in the market. Even if it is already set to English try resetting it to another language, reload and then set it back to English.

2. Clear your browser.

3. Make sure that you farm has fully loaded before you try to go to the market.

4. Try going to the market via another route. Try clicking on your neighbors tab, then going back to your farm then go to market.

If none of these help please include the server number on which your farm is hosted and the server number of the market when you arrive. Both of these can be found in the red letters when you enter your farm or the market place. It will read Connecting to town mainframe (Chat Server: F4, Farm Server: w200) for example. In the event this is a server issue having the server numbers will help the developers track it down much more quickly.

Remember you can harvest your own crops and harvest your own fields so nothing goes to waste.

If you can not see a specific friend or Neighbour in the game you need to check if you have blocked them.

There are several ways to get to your Blocked Users..

Then remove your friend from the list by clicking on Unblock User. After doing that you should then be able to see each other in the game.

NOTE: Live chat is not a part of Farm Town. That is a Facebook product and you will need to contact them for any problems with it.

For Suggestions for the Markets post in Storage & Market Options
For Suggestions on the messaging system post in Other uses/improvements for existing items on the farm

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