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Old Yesterday, 04:14 PM
JudyD1651 JudyD1651 is offline
Join Date: Jun 03 2012
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Would like to see the amount of neighbours we send the ships to reduced to 15. Each time I prepare a ship to send out, someone has disabled theirs so I have less neighbours who are doing the ships. Unfortunately, it is becoming more work than it's worth.
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Old Yesterday, 05:54 PM
AnnaWalls AnnaWalls is offline
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I need a big, non-tool locomotive for the train with all the non-tool cars train I have, so I can use my tool locomotive on another farm with long cars. I love the little locomotives, but they are fit for the passenger cars they match. They're just not big enough to pull the long train. And it would be awesome if we could have non-tool cars to match all the tool-cars. The latest ones don't have a match. Course, my farm isn't big enough for all of them yet. haha God, I love what you guys are doing with this game.
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