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Old Mar 14 2017, 08:39 AM
lil farmer lil farmer is offline
Join Date: Mar 25 2009
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black and white pepper plants
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Old Mar 15 2017, 05:50 PM
Lady_Catalina Lady_Catalina is offline
Join Date: Dec 28 2010
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I would like to see
Hickory Trees
Crepe Myrtles
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Old Mar 16 2017, 08:47 PM
macladywloo macladywloo is offline
Join Date: Jun 19 2010
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Ebony lumber production seriously needs a substantial increase. I have 12 sawmills and am always running out of ebony. I have many factories that use ebony, and I can always put another +++++sawmills on more farms, but an increase in production would make more sense so that I don't OVERproduce the other lumbers unnecessarily!
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Old Mar 20 2017, 03:28 AM
Vivienne57 Vivienne57 is offline
Join Date: Jul 28 2009
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Default Freezing Flowers

Any chance we could have a tool that would freeze flowers all at once instead of us having to do it one by one which is so time consuming. Also if you freeze flowers when you plant them will this stop them from growing?....thank you
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Old Mar 21 2017, 09:11 AM
Angel7 Angel7 is offline
Join Date: Aug 11 2009
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Really want to see higher visibility when we plant crops. Most crops are basically the same color as the plowed ground when you plant, so it's easy to miss something. But when you plant things like rice, you KNOW whether or not you missed something. Can't all plants be visible like rice, at least until the whole farm is planted and then it can go back to it's original state.
God's Green Country
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