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Old Jan 23 2012, 07:12 AM
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Default i would like to buy 250FC with cellphone

Hi, i bought my FC always with Cellphone because dont want to use credit card and a i dont have it. the last time i bought for 120 FC for = in 15euro i did try to buy 250 FC but dont show my cell number. Before,i bought 120FC i can pay with cell. Now i want to buy again for about 2x 250 FC. but dont work anymore for 120FC. It works only for 55FC. Ofcourse i can do that also but, i would like to buy 250FC for 39dollar if i buy (bec. this worth only allowed/ cellphone payment) 5x 55FC = 265FC i'll pay 49.95dollar ten dollar more for 15FC? its expensive. Please can you do something that we can buy also 250FC per Cellphone. i really need FC want to buy many tools and Facilities. I cant use Pay card or anything else i dont use any credit card. i dont have all this things.

Thank you very much

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