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Default Forum Terms and Definitions

The following are terms that are used in the forums to describe different parts:

  • Forums - refers to a collection of written statements by all the members here organized by topical headings to keep things easier to find and read. Each individual Forum covers a specific area for getting information about the game, making comments about the game, making suggestions to make the game better, or just socializing with other members of the forum.
  • Sections - The forums are broken down into sub-headings to make it easier to find the area you are looking for. The individual forums have a title on the main page to help you get to the right area to submit your questions or statements or find the information you are looking for.
  • Thread - a subject in a forum specifically about an area of the game All the individual entries in a thread are submitted by the members and are shown in chronological order by the date/time they were submitted.
  • Post - a post is your individual submission.
  • Link - this is a text item in a post usually blue in color and underlined that when clicked will take you to another location in the forums for additional information, to someone's or your own farm, or a Facebook profile. We do not allow links outside of these areas to protect you from being directed to a possible harmful web site.
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