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Old Oct 05 2017, 12:22 PM
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Question Ships Not Dispatching, easier preparation suggestion

Not sure if this is the appropriate place.. but working these ships is tedious. I suggest that once we click the button to prepare the ship, ea cargo box on that specific ship automatically start the preparation process, and then automatically move on to the next container until the ship is ready to dispatch.

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Old Oct 10 2017, 12:50 PM
KCJ KCJ is offline
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I would like an option to remove a member from my choices list permanently since there are some players who will not work their ports, but will not disable them either. And related to that, I'd like to see a post from you guys to all reminding players that if they do not want to play the ships, or are going to be away for a time, that they can disable their port. I had a conversation with a neighbor who warned me he was going to be away, so not to send my ships to his port I suggested he disable his port for that period of time, and he did not know he could do that since he had his own ships.
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Old Oct 14 2017, 03:48 PM
craftyoldlady7 craftyoldlady7 is offline
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I would like to see a train station manager similar to the ships. As it is taking so very long to go from farm to farm loading, unloading and asking for help to speed a train on. It would be great if we could check all our trains from just one farm like for the ships. It is very time consuming to do each farm/train from each farm that has a train. Right now it takes about 20 min to do each train and if you have 8 or 10 trains that adds up quickly. (over 2 hrs) For people who have to work a full time job in the real world, that could be a heavy drawback.
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Old Oct 16 2017, 11:31 AM
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People seem to be getting really lax about sending our ships all of a sudden. How about some extra bonuses of some kind if you send ships within a certain period of time, (maybe some EXTRA squid!). At a bare minimum we need the automatic skipping of somebody if they have left our ship at their port for over 24 hours. The option of closing our ports is great, but people have learned that closing their port halts all activity on current ships so they aren't using it as they will lose too much.
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Old Oct 19 2017, 06:16 PM
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Default Saving Ships Logbook Order

Hello .. is there any way for us to save the ships logbook order?? I always have the last 8-10 ports that I use as the last ones and when I unload that ship and prepare it for dispatching again, the log book order is all messed up again.

Thank you for your time,
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Old Oct 20 2017, 11:10 AM
JNelson JNelson is offline
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please make the option for ship port to be closed on new accounts - new players do not know what ships are yet or how to close their ports, ships get stuck they dont know how or what this feature is, new player add a whole bunch of neighbors and then our ships get stuck at their ports .... makes common sense for the default to be port closed ...
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Old Nov 04 2017, 08:41 AM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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A suggestion that might alleviate some of the frustration over the ships. When we load and move a neighbour's ship along, any ships we have at their port also get loaded and moved along automatically. Active players would benefit from being active.
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Old Nov 05 2017, 12:14 PM
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These ships are getting annoying.
5 more players have shut their ports overnight.
That now makes 8 in the last week alone.

Either switch the option box to activate ships (not deactivate ships) of give us the option to change more players.
Better still let us have a selection box where we can tick the player we know that will send on ship.

I've asked for these options many times in many different areas in this forum, and nothing ever happens.

Playing Farmtown since May 30,2009

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Old Nov 10 2017, 01:01 AM
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Some ship suggestions.

Let the log book show only those players who have active ports.

Let the ships be like the trains and send them through the gift page as we do with the trains.

Maybe an incentive like 1FC for sending out so many ships within a certain period of time.

Another incentive could be to make the ships like the trains in that if we have a certain number of ships it cuts down the work load when we work neighbor's facilities.

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Old Today, 07:38 PM
RFMad RFMad is offline
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I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it'll hurt to remind the devs that a Ship Logbook remain the same as was just finished with the ship - same order and people. Then if we need to make changes, we can. It really gets annoying to have to redo the Logbook every time a ship needs to be sent out. Thank you!
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