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Old Jun 12 2018, 12:33 AM
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Default New Release -- June 12th, 2018

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on July 9th, 10:00PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes. En Español AQUI

1. Farm 36: See prices below.

New Farm (12x12) --- 25000000000 or 50 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 14x14 - 25500000000 or 20 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 16x16 - 26000000000 or 20 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 18x18 - 26500000000 or 20 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 20x20 - 27000000000 or 20 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 22x22 - 27500000000 or 25 FarmCash

2. The Onion crop is now a 2 day crop instead of a 3 day crop.

3. 'Show Facility Info' across all farms: The 'Show Facility Info' button in the 'Show Names' screen will show you a summary of all your facilities by farm, grouped by type, ex: Factories Workable, Factories Non-Workable, Services and Animal Buildings.

4. Improvement to the process of becoming mutual neighbours: When you accept a neighbour request from a user, if that user is not your neighbour yet, you will be ask if you want to send a neighbour request back to that user, so you can become mutual neighbours.

5. More controls over your Super Neighbours work: You can now specify exactly which farming operations each of your super neighbours is allowed to do on your farms, ex: harvest trees/flowers/crops, plow, fish, chop and plant.

6. 'Disable Super Neighbours Farming' at the farm level: This option in the 'Farm Name' screen will allow you to mark the farms where you don't want your Super Neighbours doing any kind of farming work, for example, your design farms, or your quest farms.

7. Filtering and Sorting the Helpers section: There is a new row at the bottom of the game that will allow you to filter and sort all the actions from your helpers.

8. Other improvements released in the past 3 weeks:

a) Each color box in the legend of available work at the top left of the 'Show Work Info' screen is now clickable to filter by specific work type.

b) While working Super Neighbour farms, when you access the 'Show Work Info' screen, after you close that screen, the farm selector will be updated to show in blue the farms where there is still work available

9. Window Cleaning Services (FC): Provides Window Cleaning Services and can be stocked with products from the Window Cleaning Supplies Factory.

10. IT Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces IT Supplies.

Network Cable
Network Wall Plate
Computer Key Lock
Computer Case
Server Rack
Cable Management Panel
Network Patch Tool
Network Wire Tester

11. West American Restaurant (FC): Produces Western American Food.

Barbecued Oysters
Hangtown Fry
Dungeness Crab Tostada
Cobb Salad
Fish Tacos
Butterscotch Budino

12. Data Center (Coins): Provides IT Hardware and Data Services and can be stocked with products from the IT Supplies Factory.

13. Taste of Portugal (FC): Provides Portugal Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Portuguese Restaurant.

14. Taste of Russia (FC): Provides Russia Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Russian Restaurant.



Post-Release Info - June 12th, 3:30PM

- BugFix: Some users are not able to perform certain type of work at Super Neighbour farms.
- BugFix: Can not close the Ingredient Planner or the Store Help screens.

Post-Release Info - June 12th, 10:10PM

- The 'Show Work Info' should be showing correct information now, it's now aware of the kind of work you are allowed to do on your Super Neighbour farms. If you are only allowed to fish and chop, then when you open the Show Work Info only fish and chop work will be shown. When you close the Show Work Info screen, the farm selector will highlight in blue only farms with fish and chop work available.

Also, if you start playing with the legend buttons at the top-left, for example if you click the blue 'F' button, then only fish work will be shown, in this case, if you close the Show Work Info screen at that moment, the farm selector will be updated again to highlight only farms with fish work available, in other words, whatever your work selection in the Show Work Info screen was at the moment that you closed the screen, that selection will also be reflected on the farm selector. To show again All work available, click the pink All button.

- Removed the 'Show Facility Info' button from the NCC screen.

Post-Release Info - June 15th, 2:30PM

- We just released again all the changes and bug fixes from the 10:10PM release above, our developer was able to take care of the last issue remotely, and this time all harvesters are showing up in your toolbox.

Post-Release Info - June 16th, 3:20AM

- Released 5 facilities.

Post-Release Info - June 18th, 10:15PM

- In the 'Show Facility Info' screen, we are now showing the farm name when you mouse over the buttons.
- In the 'Show Facility Info' screen, we are now showing the total amount of facilities when you mouse over the legend categories at the top left of the screen.
- BugFix: Some of the 'Show Facility Info' numbers were not correct due to the inclusion of trains and ships.
- BugFix: When hired for only trees or flowers the tool that was auto-selected to perform the work was the small harvester.

Post-Release Info - June 19th, 4:10PM

- BugFix: Issues with the Semi-Trailer truck in the Facility Manager.
- BugFix: Super Neighbours planting permission was reset unexpectedly.

Post-Release Info - June 20th, 2:30AM

- Released Farm 36.
- BugFix: Some tools were not auto-selected correctly when hired. Please report on this thread if there is any tool that is still not auto-selected correctly for you.

Post-Release Info - June 20th, 6:45PM

- We have reverted the auto-selection feature to the way it was before the release, so the ordering of the tools should go back to normal, and the delays when switching tools should go back to normal as well.

Post-Release Info - June 25th, 6:50PM

- Released the West American Restaurant.

Post-Release Info - July 2nd, 6:45PM

a) The Transplanter tools now have a new "Duplicate Pattern" option that duplicates any flowers and trees pattern you have in your farm. On the first click in the farm it will select the pattern and each click after that will buy from the store all the required trees and flowers and will plant them in your farm. This option does not duplicate trees or flowers that are available via gifts only.

b) Filter Seeds and Trees by Harvest Time in the Store

c) Sort Trees by Category in the Store: Loggable Trees, Harvestable Trees, Loggable Bushes, Harvestable Bushes, Decorative Trees, Decorative Bushes

d) You can now earn XP for fishing as part of the Job Completion Bonus, same as with flowers and trees

e) When a Super Neighbour is hired for design, you can now use your own Excavator tool if the 'Allow Selling and Buying' option is enabled for you, this will allow big sections of the farm to be cleared up quickly by the designer

f) When you are trying to navigate to another farm while the Farm Selector is expanded, the status messages from your workers will be ignored, this will allow you to change farms easily

g) When the game notifies you about a Ship Container being done, once you click the green tick the Ship Manager for that ship will be opened so you can prepare the next container

h) When you check the 'Disable Super Neighbour Farming' option in the Farm Name screen, your Super Neighbours will still be able to visit your farm but they will not be able to work on it

i) When sending a hire request, the avatar name label background color for the player you are trying to hire will change to Orange. If the player reject the request or if the request expires after 30 seconds, the color will change to Yellow, this will provide a hint to avoid sending several hire request to the same players.

j) When using the 'Show Work Info' screen when hiring others at the market, the legend buttons at the top right will now consider the work types your are trying to hire for, for example, if you didn't select fish as a work type, if you click the blue F button in the legend, no farm will be colored. Also, clicking the buttons in the legend will not alter the statuses of the farm checkboxes.

Post-Release Info - July 3rd, 4:30PM

- BugFix: The transplanter tool was ignoring some of the flowers when duplicating pattern, the only flower that the tool can not duplicate is the Glads, which is the only one not available in the store.
- BugFix: The marks for private and quest farms were lost for some users, they are now restored.
- BugFix: The Ship Container Ready notification was not working when players changed farms, from now on, if you start preparing a container and move to other farms, you will still see a notification when that container is done preparing.

Post-Release Info - July 9th, 10:00PM

- BugFix: Some hard core users with more than 2 Billion fuel may have lost their fuel.

Known Issues:

- None

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Old Jun 12 2018, 12:35 AM
RichmondGuy RichmondGuy is offline
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Default Lost SN tools

Since this release came out, I'm not able to fish ponds at SN farms. This just started a few minutes ago.
Old Jun 12 2018, 12:43 AM
RichmondGuy RichmondGuy is offline
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Looks like all options except crops have been deselected for SNs during this upgrade.
Old Jun 12 2018, 12:49 AM
Grumpdad Grumpdad is offline
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When this upgrade came out it stopped me being able to load containers in the ships, the ones not done displayed ready in 7 days, I have sent the ship out without the remaining ones.
Old Jun 12 2018, 12:50 AM
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JstMeQQ4Fun JstMeQQ4Fun is offline
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when doing ships only able to load first container
Old Jun 12 2018, 12:55 AM
Kenn318 Kenn318 is offline
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Angry No Autoselect Tools

Autoselecting tools while working as a SN is not available. Plus only some tools are not available at all. For example, cannot harvest trees as there is no tool for this! This just happened this evening.
Old Jun 12 2018, 01:01 AM
Grumpdad Grumpdad is offline
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Onion is now showing as a 2 day crop, not 3? Onions are ready on my 3 day farms before the other crops.

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Old Jun 12 2018, 01:28 AM
chelonia chelonia is offline
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Can't do my SN duties. Can only H/P/S. Is she going to have to reset all of her farms to let me do everything?
Old Jun 12 2018, 01:49 AM
texans texans is offline
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you have to have your super neighbor change it. There are more options
Old Jun 12 2018, 02:03 AM
shirl312 shirl312 is offline
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I cant even use my own tools at sn farm, why not?
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tools missing

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