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Default Returning to finish a job hire after a browser crash

How do i return to finish a job hire after a browser crash, or browser refresh?

If you were hired to work farms and you had to reload the game after a browser crash or you reload your browser by accident, if you enter the game again in the next 10 minutes you will see another hiring screen explaining that you didn't complete your last job giving you the option to return to your previous employer farms and continue working.

There are two hiring scenarios for this.
  • The first is if you were hired by a stranger where you get the bonus chest. In this case if you accept to go back you will be returned to the farm you had not finished to continue working from there on and then claim any bonus chest.

  • The second is if you were hired by a farmer who is a Neighbour or Buddy. This will not return you to the farm you were last working, but will let you continue working on any remaining farms that still have work to do. If you know there was work still left to do on the last farm before you left all we can suggest is you message the farm owner to let them know what has happened.

This is an example of the message you would see when you reload the game within 10 minutes...
If you click the green check mark you will get another message with the hire details. If you then click "Sure. I am heading back to your farm" you will be taken back to their farms to finish the work. If you click the red X you will cancel the request.

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