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Default What is the Mobile Lookout Tower?

Q. What is the Mobile Lookout Tower?

A: This tool provides detailed visibility on your Super Neighbours farm content by enabling the 'Show Work Info' when visiting them. "Show Work Info" is accessed by clicking on "Show Names" in the farm grid top left of your game screen. After looking at the Show Work Info of your Super Neighbours, your farm selector will be updated to only show the blue color on farms where there is work available.

Also, this tool will reduce the waiting time to pull updated work information from 10 to 5 minutes, whether you are at a farm or at the market.

How to use the the Mobile Lookout Tower:
  1. First place the tool into your Item storage. It does not count towards your item storage capacity and you will not see it in the toolbox as you don't need to click on it to use it.

  2. Go to one of the farms you are a Super Neighbour for. When you arrive look top left for the farm grid.
    Without the mobile lookout tower every block in that grid will show up as blue that you have not yet visited. There could be work there but you will not know what work there is and if it's actually ready to be worked on yet.
  3. Now you own the Mobile Lookout Tower what you do is click on Show Names at the top of that grid.

    A window will open showing you the names of all the farms. Click on Show Work Info at the bottom right of the window.

  4. The work available on every farm will then show up for you. It defaults to showing you all available work.

    The Legend top left of the window tells you what the colours represent. Hover your mouse over each of the colours and it will tell you what type of work it is, fields to plow, seed, harvest, trees to chop, fishing etc. This is an example of what you see when you hover over the blue F

  5. If you are there to do all types of work you can now close that window by clicking the red X top right and the grid will update for you like this:

    • Blue blocks are the farms with work on that you have not been to yet.
    • The yellow block represents the farm you are on. This may or may not have work on it. If it does you will have been automatically handed a tool to work with.
    • A farm that is the default green or olive colour is one you have already been to or is one where the SN permissions have been disabled.
    • The red dot is a farm you have permission to design

If you have permissions to do all work, but for some reason you only wanted to do a specific job, or the farm owner has requested they only wanted one type doing that day, you can get Show Work Info to show you just the farms with that type of work on it.

To do that:
  • click on Show Names in the grid top left,
  • click on Show Work Info,
  • then in the Legend click on the job that needs to be done.

The window will then update to show you which farms has that work on. You can then just click on one of the farms that is showing it has that work and it will take you to that farm. The grid will then update for you showing you only the farms in blue with that type of work.

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