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Old Jul 10 2018, 03:53 PM
pete5560 pete5560 is offline
Join Date: Aug 23 2012
Posts: 29

how about a train station to access trains without having to go that farm. also have a small popup line near fuel showing when a train or ship has arrived or when a container is filled.
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Old Jul 13 2018, 02:23 PM
dorissau dorissau is offline
Join Date: Sep 30 2009
Location: Texas, U.S.A.
Posts: 417

I decided I liked the new ship notification, but now I wish there were some way to turn it off. It always seems to pop up when I am doing something involved on my farm and there is no way to get rid of it except respond... and at that point, it turns off whatever I was doing and I have to start again. Would be nice if we could shut it off when we were going to do something precise on the farm.
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Old Yesterday, 04:13 PM
KCJ KCJ is offline
Join Date: Dec 26 2010
Posts: 38

Reusing the last itinerary is a great help, but if I accidentally forget and dispatch a ship without editing the ports, I end up with almost half the ports being bad ones, ie people who do not work the ships. PLEASE consider giving us some way to remove a player permanently from the list of our possibles, so that we don't end up with half our 'alternative choices' being people that do not move ships. Just because they are good friends who help us does not mean they do the ships or work their port. And since the default is that ports are ON they still show up every time, even if they have been removed many times.
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Old Yesterday, 06:27 PM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
Join Date: Jun 23 2010
Posts: 172

I keep forgetting I even have a train. I only run it to get help from the mayor working other players' facs. Perhaps a little popup to tell me when it's ready to unload and be sent off again? That would be nice.
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