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Old Jul 04 2018, 08:12 PM
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Default new house

I would like to see a Tucson or Phoenix style home and more desert scape
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Old Yesterday, 03:38 PM
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How about "Fresh Vegetable Cart" Fresh Fruit Cart" as Facilities
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Old Today, 05:16 AM
buffaloboy buffaloboy is offline
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hi there

why do we have so many restrictions ? trucks ,mills and so on? we pay coins and fuel for it
so i think it should be free to load
also ingredient requests 5 all 12 hours are since the production starts the limit of coins raisen but the requests not 5/6 or 10/6 or 12 hours
facilities : a butcher fac here we can produce meat from animals we have
AUSTRIAN restaurant we have worlds famous cookery like ,wiener schnitzel ,tafelspitz, salzburger nockerl SACHER TORTE Fiaker dulasch same like hungarian but with egg on top and sliced cucumber austria and hungay was 1 country before 1918
here also a wish more bandwith for the game ITS SO SLOW

best regards

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Old Today, 09:05 AM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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When I'm working my facs, just missing the Start All blue button with the mouseclick opens the facility. It seems like it's not only the blue Open button that opens the facility but also the white background. This is really annoying as it wastes time. Maybe the background could be made unresponsive to clicks?
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