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Old May 23 2018, 08:24 PM
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ccheney ccheney is offline
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Produce 2x Killer Whale Food in a facility. Exp 2 days. Cod ,Salmon.

If you have these please let me know. I need both and none of my neighbors has a quest with these items nor do I have enough helps to get them both.
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Old May 23 2018, 09:14 PM
MaryinVA MaryinVA is offline
Join Date: May 31 2009
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In production: 4 hrs. Produce Reed Diffuser: iris, violets, pink rose, iris essential oil, violet essential oil, pink rose essential oil, bamboo log pile.

Load Wall Bars: oak log pile, oak lumber pile, wall bars.

Produce Multicolor Rose Bouquet: white rose, rose.

Produce Egg Rolls: olives, wheat, olive oil, meat, cabbage, hen eggs, flour.

Produce Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo: wheat, cow milk, flour, chicken, butter, cheese, fettuccine.

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Old Yesterday, 06:45 AM
grannyelldon grannyelldon is offline
Join Date: May 24 2009
Location: Ft Myers, FL
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Blacksmith Blower, expires 5/29/18
Pine Log Pile, Blueberries, Soybean,
Aluminum Ore, Pine Lumber Pile, Blue Ink,
Aluminum Sheet, Blacksmith Blower

Please send message if you buy something, I may need it as well. Thanks for stopping.

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Old Yesterday, 06:52 AM
sestree sestree is offline
Join Date: May 02 2010
Posts: 42


Load American Elm Bonzai in a service facility
--Clay Block, Plant Pot, American Elm Branches, Buy American Elm Bonsai

Produce 10X Porthole in a facility
---Soybean, Walnuts, Crude Oil Barrel, Quartz, Soda, Petrochemical, Plastic Granules, Black Ink, Copper Ore, Flat Glass Sheet, Copper Sheet.

If you visit and get something, please let me know in case I need it as well.

Thank you !!

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Old Yesterday, 08:03 AM
LizaLee LizaLee is offline
Join Date: May 21 2010
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Please let me know what you buy, I may need it also.
I usually have more than enough ingredients to share so even if I don't have the final facility there are usually plenty of ingredients for those of you with a similar quest

Animal Control Pole --- chromite ore, aluminum ore, ion ore, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, cork, animal control pole. 3.9.days

Hot Chocolate --- cocoa, chocolate liquor, cow milk, hot chocolate. 5 days

Blank Car Key --- crude oil, petrochemical, walnuts, chromite ore, iron ore, stainless steel sheet, black pigment, plastic granules, blank car key. 2.9 days

Key Cutting Machine --- copper ore, chromite ore, copper sheet, stainless steel sheet, walnuts, carrots, black pigment, orange pigment, crude oil, petrochemical, iron ore, soda crystals, quartz rock, aluminum ore, graphite ore, motor, lcd, plastic granules, carbon steel sheet, aluminum sheet, key cutting machine. 4.9 days

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co-op ingredients

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