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Old Oct 12 2011, 11:25 PM
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Default Co-operative Quests - Help With Buying Items

We have created this thread, in order to give forum members a chance to help each other complete their Co-op quests.

When you add your Co-op quests here for other members to buy from you please post what product the quest is for, the amount of time left on the quest, and the ingredients used in the quest. This will help other members with determining if you have the item they need.

We suggest that you list yoru quest in the following format:

Quest Name - time length left - ingredients for the quest.

No one can come to your farm to sell you a needed item. Only your neighbors can do that when you put a help note on it. Instead you can search this thread for the item you need and go to their farm to buy the item.

If you list your quests and what ingredients are for those quests as the others have then they can come and buy from you and leave you a message so you can go to their farm to buy.

Please also provide a link to your farm so they can get to your farm to purchase from you.

There are instructions here on how to get your link for your farm for your posts here:

When you are updating your post of your quests, please create a new post rather than editing an existing post as those will be deleted 7 days after the original date of the post.

Please note: All posts within this thread will be deleted, when they are a week old, in order to avoid members, searching farms, where the quests have already been completed and therefore, unable to get the items, that were on offer. Posts are deleted by original post date and not a date added in the post as the modified date. We do not read through all the posts but do a deletion of large groups of posts.

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Old Apr 21 2018, 08:00 AM
SallyHL SallyHL is offline
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Tooth Paste: Soda Crystals, lye, fluorite crystals, mint, coconuts 4 days

Thanks for looking.

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Old Apr 22 2018, 10:25 AM
lillymc lillymc is offline
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HI everyone ... first time doing a request ...

Load 4x rubbert tile set in a service facility
3.4 days
Rubber tile set, rubber sheet, orange pigment, latex, turpentine, carrot, petrochemical barrel, crude oil barrel

Load 10X violin shoulder rest in a service facility
3.9 days
Load violin shoulder rest, buy violin shoulder rest, Maple lumber pile, rubber sheet, black pigment, maple log pile, latex, turpentine walnuts, petrochemical barrel, crude oil barrel

Produce 10x crop in facility
Leather roll, fiberglass sheet, black ink, quartz, soda crystals, plastic granules, soybean, walnuts, petrochemical barrel, crude oil barrel

Product 20X eel sushi in a facility
produce eel sushi, rice, eel

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Old Apr 22 2018, 02:08 PM
pjdunbar pjdunbar is offline
Join Date: Feb 24 2014
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Air Freshener - Paperboard, Yellow Ink, Cedar Essential oil, Pine Log pile, Soybean, Sunflowers, Cedar Log Pile - can't finish it, good for another 1.4 days - help yourself.
Kare-kare - Meat, Green Beans, Eggplant, Pumpkins, Peanut Butter, Onions, Shrimp Paste, Peanuts, Shrimp container, Salt - can't finish it, good for another 1.8 days - help yourself.

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Old Apr 22 2018, 03:25 PM
grannyelldon grannyelldon is offline
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Location: Ft Myers, FL
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Horse Saddle, expires 4/30/18
Leather Roll, Canvas Textile Roll, Sheep Wool,
Stainless Steel Sheet, Cotton, Iron Ore,
Chromite Ore

Please send message if you buy something, I may need it as well. Thanks for stopping.

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Old Apr 22 2018, 08:58 PM
lmbk lmbk is offline
Join Date: Apr 09 2011
Posts: 5

Current quests 9:30pm CDT 4/26
If you stop by and buy something, please leave me a note – I might need some ingredients, too!

Note: Big cash-in right now - just a few hours left on some of these!

Load DVD Storage Cabinet
soda crystals, quartz rock, flat glass sheet, iron ore, graphite ore, carbon steel sheet, oak log pile, oak lumber pile, DVD storage cabinet

Produce Sleeping Pillow
latex, cotton, cotton textile roll

copper ore, copper sheet, leather roll

Produce Pickles

Thanks for stopping by!!
Subject to space / cashing in. I’ll leave the weird ones up as long as I can…

Last edited by lmbk; Today at 09:36 PM. Reason: updating quests
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Old Apr 23 2018, 02:38 AM
lil pumpkin lil pumpkin is offline
Join Date: Nov 19 2010
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sfirst 2 quests have no facility

load crevice sealer....buy crevice sealer...copper sheet..............

.produce pistachio pudding...cows milk....maple syrup.....corn startch..pistachios...butter...walnuts....coconut oil....maple sap....coconuts....corn

load spagetti w meatballs....5.4.days....buy spagetti w meatballs.....spagetti....meat.......tomato sauce....flour...tomatos.....wheat....

pRduce ceviche.......shrimp container...lemons.....onions...saltno facility


Last edited by lil pumpkin; Yesterday at 01:19 AM.
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Old Yesterday, 07:11 AM
stash19 stash19 is offline
Join Date: Feb 26 2015
Posts: 1

FARM TOWN BEER (2.4 days)
hop...dried hops...barley...barley malts...yeast

If you buy please leave a note.


Last edited by stash19; Today at 09:21 PM.
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Old Apr 23 2018, 09:21 AM
Cathalina Cathalina is offline
Join Date: Apr 29 2015
Location: Central Coast, California
Posts: 3

Please leave a note if you buy something, I may need it too. Especially the items in red!

PADDED BRA: 5.1 days
Elastic Nylon Roll, Stainless Steel Sheet, Foam Sheets, Lace Roll, Red Ink, Spandex Fiber, Nylon Reel, Iron Ore, Chromite Ore, Petro Barrel, Linen Yarn, Soybean, Beets, Crude Oil Barrel, Flax

BOY HOODIE: 4.2 days
Llama Wool Textile Roll, Black Ink, Orange Pigment, Llama Wool, Soybean, Walnuts, Carrot


Last edited by Cathalina; Today at 06:25 PM. Reason: updating quests
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Old Apr 24 2018, 06:59 AM
kperry7411 kperry7411 is offline
Join Date: Oct 13 2009
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Bolster sunflowers, soybean, silk worms, yellow ink, turkey feathers,silk textile roll, bolster 3 hours

Earrings pile silver nuggets, earrings 3.4 days

Wheelchair ramp crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, polyester fiber, sunflowers, soybean, plastic granules, graphite ore, polyester webbing roll, yellow ink, carbon fiber sheet 4.9 days

Coconut guitar walnuts, soybean, flax, maple log pile, black ink, linen yarn, maple lumber pile, coconuts, coconut guitar 5 days


Last edited by kperry7411; Today at 06:44 AM. Reason: updating
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co-op ingredients

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