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Old May 16 2018, 06:42 PM
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Default New Release -- May 16th, 2018

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on June 7th, 7:50PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes. En Español AQUI

1. 25 New Levels: 25 items in the Buildings, Fun, Farm Decor, Motion and Other categories in the store.

2. 46 x 46 farm expansions for farms 21 - 35: The price is 30 Billion coins or 30 Farm Cash.

Note: With the optimizations we released last year bigger farms perform well enough even on old computers and even better if the farm contains lots of duplicated items.

3. Show History of offline messages: When you open an offline message (the envelop on the top of the game) there is a 'Show History' button that will show the past 50 messages in the conversation with that user.

4. Added a new Zoomed Out level: Now there is a total of 8 Zoom levels.

5. Show Work Info improvement for layered farms: On farms with multiple layered items, say lot of trees on top of layered crop fields, most of the time the representation of available work was not accurate, it was showing only fields or crops available but not the trees or flowers on top, with this fix you will see all the types of work available independent if the farms is layered or not.

6. Faster collection of the Job Completion Bonus: When you are hired and you finish the work on the current farm, instead of clicking the chest to collect the job completion bonus and then navigate to the next farm, you can just navigate to the next farm and the screen to collect the bonus will appear automatically.

7. Working neighbour facilities faster: When you land in neighbour farms to work their facilities, by default you will not see any items in their farms, this will make the farm to load a bit faster. You can still click on the 'Show Items' button to make all items visible again.

8. Other improvements released in the past 3 weeks:

a) Replaced the 'Let employee use my fuel' checkbox by a dropdown with 3 options: 1.Let employee use my fuel first 2.Let employee use my fuel last 3.Do not let employee use my fuel
b) Added this dropdown to the Super Neighbour setup screen, so you can specify whatever fuel option you like for each of your Super Neighbours
c) Improved message delivery reliability in the marketplace, so there are more chances for notification messages like the 'hire confirmation message', the 'Employee Ready to begin' and the 'Employee Began working' to successfully be delivered to the receiving user.

9. Window Cleaning Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Window Cleaning Supplies.

Squeegee Holster
Washer Sleeve
Rectangular Bucket
Glass Scrapper
High Rise Descender
Suction Cup Grabber
Bosun Chair
Water Fed Brush

10. Fortune Teller Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Fortune Teller Supplies.

Palmistry Hand
Crystal Ball
Fortune Teller Cup
Crystal Ball Ring
Astrology Pendant
Fortune Teller Scarf
Teller Cards

11. Beach Bar (FC): Produces Cocktails.

Dirty Martini
Cuba Libre
Tequila Sunrise
John Collins
Long Island Iced Tea

New products in other Facilities: Grenadine Syrup in the Syrup Factory. Tequila, Gin and Triple Sec in the Distillery.

12. Fortune Teller Wagon (Coins): Provides Fortune Telling Services and can be stocked with products from the Fortune Teller Supplies Factory.

13. Taste of Argentina (FC): Provides Argentina Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Argentinian Restaurant.

14. Taste of New England (FC): Provides New England Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the New England Restaurant.



Post-Release Info - May 17th, 9:30PM

- 46x46 farm expansion for farm 35
- Added the fortune-telling facilities to the list of religious facilities so they can be skipped
- BugFix: Sometimes the 'Join User' or 'Ask User to Join You' options in the buddy screen (the 2 green man) were not working correctly.
- Each color box in the legend of available work at the top left of the 'Show Work Info' screen is now clickable, for example, if you click the red TH (Trees to Harvest) box, you will only see information related to how many trees are available to harvest on each farm. If you want to go back to see All the work available at the same time, just click the new All pink button.

Post-Release Info - May 18th, 2:30PM

- Bugfix: The Show Work Info was not showing the correct type of work when hiring people.

Post-Release Info - May 23rd, 2:00AM

- Bugfix: When working neighbour facilities, sometimes the Mayor skipped the facilities on the farm where you landed.
- Enable the auto re-hiring after browser crash/game reload feature. This is a feature we introduced in the previous release that was temporarily disabled and is now enabled again.

Post-Release Info - May 26th, 12:30AM

- Released 25 new levels.
- The Beach Bar will be released next week.

Post-Release Info - May 31st, 9:00PM

- Released 9 Fathers Day items, 4 as gifts, 3 at the top of the Fathers Day category in the store, and 2 at the bottom.

Post-Release Info - June 7th, 7:50PM

- Released the Beach Bar.

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