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Old Jan 17 2015, 12:41 AM
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Default New Release -- January 17th, 2015

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last updates released on February 6th, 4:20PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Farm 25: See prices below:

12x12 - 6000000000 coins or 50 FarmCash (New Farm)
14x14 - 6500000000 coins or 20 FarmCash
16x16 - 7000000000 coins or 20 FarmCash
18x18 - 7500000000 coins or 20 FarmCash
20x20 - 8000000000 coins or 20 FarmCash
22x22 - 8500000000 coins or 25 FarmCash

2. Ingredient Planner Improvements: When the Facility Manager is showing both Regular and Service facilities and you open the Ingredient Planner, it will have 2 additional filters 'All regular facilities' and 'All service facilities'.

3. New Release Notification: Every time there is a new release you will see a yellow banner on the top with 2 buttons, one will take players to the forums to get more info on the new release, this should encourage more players to visit the forums. Once you click on any of the buttons the notification will disappear and will not appear again until the next release.

4. Top Left Quest Icon Improvements: This icon will now show information about both Regular and Cooperative quests. If there is relevant info on both type of quests the icon will have 2 colors and will show the combined info when you mouse over it.

5. Flower Harvester 16 x 12: If you already own the Flower Harvester 12 x 12 then you can buy this new Flower Harvester to harvest up to 192 flowers at once.

6. FarmCash Rewards for Cooperative Quests: As with the Regular Quests, rewards are based on how many quest you are able to complete in 7 days, here are the rules:

4 Quests in 7 days -> 1 FarmCash
13 Quests in 7 days -> 2 FarmCash

Also, the price you pay in coins when buying a product from a stranger that you need in your Coop Quests has been increased 20 times.

7. Green Gifting Machine: All Gift Packers were renamed to Gifting Machines. The Green Gifting Machine will duplicate the gifts you receive from the Send Gifts page. When friends use the Send Gifts page to send you a gift, you will receive 2 instead of 1 in your Gift Box. For instance, if a friend send you 20 x Chicken, you will get 2 gifts of 20 x Chicken each, for a total of 40 x Chicken.

This only apply to non-decoration gifts, this means the Fuel gift will be duplicated as well, and animals and trees that do not produce anything (decorations) will not be duplicated.

This tool only benefits you, not your friends.

8. Other Improvements (some launched a while ago):

- 'Store All' Improvements, removed more issues and XLINK errors from Store All operation
- Bug Fix: Moving Fences in bulk to the Item Storage using the Tower Crane forced the game to reload
- Fixed a semantic error where the Clover crop was used instead of Cloves in 4 products. You can harvest Cloves from the Clove Tree released a month ago (Trees category in the Store, level 66).
- Smokehouse can now produce 4 times more Cured Herrings in the same period, this should help with productions at the German Restaurant

9. Brazilian Restaurant (FC): Produces Brazilian Food.

Cheese Buns
Brazilian Churrasco
Tapioca Pudding
Acai na Tigela

New Products in other facilities: Tapioca Starch and Cassava Flour in the Watermill. Palm Oil in the Oil Factory.

The Yuca crop was renamed to Cassava which is a more universal name.
The Palm Tree now produce Palm Fruits which are used to produce Palm Oil.

10. Dessert Factory (FC): Produces Desserts.

Lemon Lime Gelatin
Fruit Gelatin
Two Fruit Gelatin
Pistachio Pudding
Four Berry Parfait
Panna Cotta Shot

11. Martial Arts Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Martial Arts Supplies.

Wooden Dummy
Yin Yang Sign
Wall Sandbag
Bamboo Sword
Dart Rope
Martial Arts Belts
Kick Target

12. Martial Arts School (Coins): Provides Martial Arts Training Classes and can be stocked with products from the Martial Arts Supplies Factory.



Post Release Updates - January 19th, 6:00PM EST

- Farm Selector Manager now give you access to Farm 25
- The gifts that are duplicated by the Green Gifting Machine have changed slightly. From now on all gifts will be duplicated except decorations, this means the Fuel gift will be duplicated as well, and animals and trees that do not produce anything (decorations) will not be duplicated.

Post Release Updates - January 22th, 12:40AM EST

- Bug Fix: Some farms were incorrectly hidden in the Farm Selector Manager

Post Release Updates - January 28th, 6:20PM EST

- 17 Valentine items released, 1 in Farm Cash and 16 in Coins. There are 5 as gifts, 9 on the top of the Valentines Store category and 3 on the bottom of the Valentines Store category.

- The 7 Snow Roof Patch are now available in the Winter Category

- Brazilian Restaurant will be released on Monday.

Post Release Updates - February 2nd, 8:55PM EST

- Brazilian Restaurant is now live. See my post above for all the details and new products in other facilities.

Post Release Updates - February 2nd, 11:35PM EST

- Fixed X025 error when opening the Store.

Post Release Updates - February 6th, 4:20PM EST

- FarmCash Rewards for Cooperative Quests are now live, here are the rules:

4 Quests in 7 days -> 1 FarmCash
13 Quests in 7 days -> 2 FarmCash

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Old Jan 17 2015, 12:53 AM
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Thankyou Raul for all the new things
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Old Jan 17 2015, 01:08 AM
Pumpkin's Pumpkin's is offline
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Thank you for the new release I knew it just dropped and the main clue was the Quests Box is now 2 colors. I can not wait to see what else you have given to us. Thanks Pumpkin aka Patrick
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:14 AM
Aussie Rae Aussie Rae is offline
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Thanks for the lovely surprise when I opened my tool box to see if the new co-op quest was available...farmcash for them, yipeee...can hardly wait to see the details in a couple of weeks time,

Visit 's Farm

DB:W20, MPS:C20
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:19 AM
WendyP57's Avatar
WendyP57 WendyP57 is offline
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Thanks devs and all responsible !! always love it when we get new toys
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:19 AM
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AussieGecko AussieGecko is offline
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An excellent start for a quiet Saturday evening at home! Thank you!!!
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:25 AM
Annie of Green Gables Annie of Green Gables is offline
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Where are the updates, can't find them....

Thanks for all you do...
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:27 AM
GrannyBillie GrannyBillie is offline
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Default Lost Bait with new release

When the new release dropped my bait (both sea and freshwater) dropped from about 132,467 to 300. Any ideas why? TY TY TY
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:33 AM
Pumpkin's Pumpkin's is offline
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3 new Facs 1 in FC that I can see. New farm 25. Changes to the Quests. I am not sure of any more things yet. Waiting to see I am going to check my storage and see if anything is missing.
Pumpkin aka Patrick
Old Jan 17 2015, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Annie of Green Gables View Post
Where are the updates, can't find them....

Thanks for all you do...
Hi Annie,
Look in Facilities and Tools in the store. Raul has not posted details yet in here.
Dubh Glais Estates
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