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Old Jun 12 2018, 07:59 PM
MillieH MillieH is offline
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When setting up a permanent design super neighbour it would be great to have separate options to allow them to buy with our coins and another to allow them to sell. I don't want to give anyone the option to sell my items
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Old Jun 18 2018, 01:45 AM
rodkay1@bigpond.com rodkay1@bigpond.com is offline
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I save every bit of fuel I can, to give to workers on my farm and to plant.(I have only one refinery) When I go to market I will work for anyone that supplies the fuel which I think is fair...however I have accepted with fuel hire and it takes mine. Obviously people have hired with use my fuel first before theirs. Maybe after "with fuel" it could be added (last), so that workers can be fore warned that they would be using their own fuel first.. this would at least give the option of turning down the offer or accepting...depending on your fuel supply.
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Old Aug 02 2018, 05:33 PM
*Kai* *Kai* is offline
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I have a suggestion for the people behind farmtown.

They should give us the possibility to add people to a different buddy/friends list or whatever is possible, for example i could run into *you* at the market and work for you, and think..hey what a nice and sweet farmer, i would like to hire you next time. Then add you to the list or group of farmers i come across and want to meet again, and then when i need to go look for you at the market i click on your name and goes straight to the market that YOU belong too. You might not be there (offline maybe) but it would be much easier to find you again.

As it is now i can spend hours trying to find the right market, and the buddylist is useless as those on the list don't get the bonus chest.

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Old Aug 15 2018, 01:07 PM
JeffFunnyFarm JeffFunnyFarm is offline
Join Date: Jul 17 2009
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When hired to work on multi farms, have an Auto Option to "Go to next workable farm" after collecting your bonus. Instead of having to select another farm from the Show Names list

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Old Sep 21 2018, 10:20 AM
Join Date: Sep 21 2018
Location: cumberland uk
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there should be a way to block the person while your at the farm not just off the avatar or in chat thats my suggestion
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Old Sep 25 2018, 01:06 PM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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I would love to be able to recap what the farmer has hired me to do. Too many times I click on the hire as fast as possible cos it's so great just to get a job, then I wonder what I've been hired for. Also it would be useful if we were prompted to water flowers; on layered or complex farms they sometimes go unnoticed.
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Old Sep 27 2018, 06:05 PM
atvchick95 atvchick95 is offline
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Didn't see a suggestion category for this (Sorry in advance if I over looked it)

Bonuses -when working on other players farms - It would be nice if we can just collect the bonuses at the end of the job, once it's fully complete. Instead of having to click it after each farm is done, For 2 plus farms - let it build up until we're fully done working all the farms for the person, then we can collect it at the end

Not only do I think this would make it simpler on the worker plus move between farms a bit faster, I also believe it'll stop people from only doing half the job an example of that being say someone hired Joe Schmo to work 25 of their farms, well Ole' Joe gets bored after farm 3 so he just collects his bonus when he finishes farm 3 and leaves, to go do what ever on his farm or some one else, leaving 22 of the farms he was hired to work, undone and the owner of the farm thinks their harvesting is done only to find out Ole' Joe ditched the work to go play ball instead.
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Old Oct 04 2018, 11:46 AM
Farmer Nascar Joe Farmer Nascar Joe is offline
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Also is there a way to create a lock on he fuel in the storage when I sell my products back some times I don't select a certain category and I'm on the (all) so I sell all my fuel which I'm trying to save till all my fuel runs out Or just let us add fuel to the main tank with out loosing it TYVM

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Old Oct 11 2018, 12:20 PM
atvchick95 atvchick95 is offline
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Not sure if these have been suggested yet , but my 1st suggestion is, give the option to decline fishing when hired, those of us with a turbo boat or higher no doubt won't ever use it, but those who only have non-turbo boats, or are hired by someone to use their tools but have no turbo boats would no doubt use it and love it! I know when I do work on my son's game when he has to run errands/do chores, I sure would appreciate it, because most of the time the fishing comes up after you've done other work, so you can't just leave, because you'll leave behind coins and xp . But he only has the blue 3x3 boat (coin bought) and he's been hired by people who are level 500 plus it clearly stated he'd be using their tools, however all they had were small tools so the fishing takes forever to get through. So a "opt out" of fishing option after hired would be great - this way the person hired can see what tools the person who hired them has (in case the person hired doesn't already own a Turbo boat) and choose if they want to do all the clicking with a small boat and tons of ponds or not.

Secondly - Working our neighbors facilities - now it's not a huge issue to click "work all" on each one that pops up, but there are a few things that really aren't needed - the pop up at the start of each one for instance, We're there' we want to work it, so we don't need a pop up to click that states "Sure take me there" , Also why is it not set up like our own? We don't switch from farm to farm to farm to get the buildings to pop up to load/store/cash out/harvest - so why is it when we work on others we have to? Just have it the same layout or what ever it is that we stand in 1 spot and do them all one after another w/out switching between farms, will save a lot of time as well.
Or if that's not able to be done - how about an actual "Work All" button, click it once and it works every facility they have rather including the referral ones all at once , and we get our stuff all in one big clump, and we can move on to the next neighbor's facility and work there... I know I have a lot of the working facs, but not an overly large amount of the referral ones so my friends can get through those ones quickly while it takes them a while longer for the other half. I also know there are people with a lot more than what I have, and it no doubt takes them hours to get through just 1 neighbor who posted, little lone 2 or 3 or even more, and we want to help everyone equally, not pick and choose who we help during that day or that 8 hour period.
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