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Old Aug 17 2020, 01:15 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
Join Date: May 12 2016
Posts: 417

with all the changes to the game over the years, i find i have several farm cash items water/facilities/container cars i no long need/want ... could you please make some kind of an exchange/gift program even if it is limited to 1 or 2 exchanges a month then i can trade a farm cash item i no longer need/want for something more productive or send it to a friend who can use it.
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Old Aug 22 2020, 04:22 AM
Ctdean Ctdean is offline
Join Date: Jan 17 2020
Posts: 1
Default Multiple buying

When you buy and place trees, fish, flowers, is it possible to make the little red outlined squares a solid block or different colour if something is already placed there. It is difficult to see where you are missing a block and have to go over each row one by one to see where you have skipped something. It takes forever if you have a 50 x50 farm. Please see if something can be done.
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Old Aug 23 2020, 12:58 AM
RozeeS RozeeS is offline
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Join Date: Feb 14 2010
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When we have received bonuses under recent belts and waiting to be posted would it be possible to have some sort of flag or marker put on the "your belts" icon or the "tool box" icon to show there are bonuses waiting to be posted. I have often missed posting some of my bonuses especially when I have had someone harvest for me and I wasn't on my farm at the time. A marker or flag would alert me that there are bonuses waiting to be posted. Many Thanks
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Old Aug 23 2020, 10:57 PM
Snookie Sue Snookie Sue is offline
Join Date: Nov 11 2009
Posts: 157

Kid's Breakfast Club needs a switchview. Please.
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Old Aug 27 2020, 06:00 AM
JNelson JNelson is offline
Join Date: May 12 2016
Posts: 417

when we want to send a gift card, or other cash item to a neighbor can you please add alphabetical and/or online status to the sorting funnel , Pleeeaaase
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Old Aug 31 2020, 02:09 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
Join Date: May 12 2016
Posts: 417

bonuses belt, can u please add the green? so we can see 1) how much of that item we have in stock, and 2) what facility that item is from

it would really help us choose which bonuses to share if we have a lot of them
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Old Sep 04 2020, 03:26 PM
BReiman BReiman is offline
Join Date: Oct 17 2011
Posts: 22
Default Food Preserve Factory

This factory produces Soy Sauce which is used in so many other factories and dishes. Soy Sauce is produced at a rate of 8 units every 3 hours. Now the problem is: there are 12 Asian Restaurants and 1 Culinary School that use this soy sauce with a total of 25 dishes that need soy sauce. I currently have 4 Food Preserve Factories and I ran out because the 8 units every 3 hours is not enough to take care of the need. Could you please see about raising the amount of units and lowering the amount of time it takes to produce it?

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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Old Sep 05 2020, 09:26 AM
Laura CJ's Avatar
Laura CJ Laura CJ is offline
Join Date: Mar 27 2009
Posts: 18

I, too, am always out of Soy Sauce now that it used for so many other items. Increased production and/or faster production would be welcomed.

Also, I am always out of:
Ties (from Sewing fac),
Ice Cream Bars (from Ice Cream fac),
Perfume and Eau De Toilette (from perfume fac),
Tambourine (from Musical Instruments Fac),
Rubber Duck, Balloons & Doll (from Toy Fac).

I love the game and have been playing at least 10 years, and I've also spent 100's of dollars to buy farmcash. It would be nice to have a reasonable supply of these items so I can actually fill all of my facs. Even working my neighbor's facs and having them work mine, I am always in the hole with these items.
Laura from NH
FT Name "CJ"


Last edited by Laura CJ; Sep 07 2020 at 06:45 AM. Reason: Removed the comment about previous post - not allowed.
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Old Sep 15 2020, 04:35 PM
Dave mckee Dave mckee is offline
Join Date: Jul 29 2009
Location: owasso Oklahoma USA
Posts: 1

Hi! I am continually bumping into the 13million cap on bonus posts. It would be nice if you could add another level or two for higher accumulations based on some criteria.

Also, on the bonus belt page, knowing where one is in relation to the cap may make a difference on when to post a belt request. Why post when you know you will be capped for the next five hours? I would wait and post later...
Am having a great time with your game - thanks for your continued efforts and be safe!
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Old Sep 15 2020, 08:30 PM
AnnaWalls AnnaWalls is offline
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Join Date: Sep 13 2009
Posts: 115

When we go to hire someone at the hiring market, first thing we see is a popup from the mayor asking, among other things, if we want to hire someone. Why can't our name plate immediately turn pink when we click through on that? If that's not what we're there for, we can change that easily enough.
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