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Please let me know what you buy, I may need it also.
I usually have more than enough ingredients to share so even if I don't have the final facility there are usually plenty of ingredients for those of you with a similar quest but please let me know as I may need some.

Anti Aging Soap --- tea, lavender, palm fruit, shea nuts, olives, palm oil, green tea bag, lavender essential oil, green tea, glycerol, avocados, olive oil, shea butter, anti aging soap. 3.1 days NO FINAL FACILITY!

Flowers in Pot --- marble rock, blue hydrangea, pansey, petunia. 3.9 days

Reading Magnifier . --- soda crystals, quartz rock, chromite ore, iron ore, lens, stainless steel sheet. 3.6 days

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co-op ingredients

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