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Smile Chapter 28: What are Cooperative Quests?

Cooperative Quests

(also referred to as Co-ops)

This type of quests is all about interacting with your friends. They are completely separate from the regular quests (brown dice) and have their own Cooperative Quest Manager.

You can also earn Farm Cash by completing Quests within a certain time.

If you decide to participate in Cooperative Quests you must be willing to sell some products to your friends for their Cooperative Quests.

You can open a cooperative quest every 10 hours. You must complete the quest before it expires. You have space to have up to 5 quests open at a time depending on your level. Here's the list >>
  • Level 20 - 1 Max Active Quests
  • Level 40 - 2 Max Active Quests
  • Level 60 - 3 Max Active Quests
  • Level 80 - 4 Max Active Quests
  • Level 100 - 5 Max Active Quests

To start click on your yellow toolbox and then click on the pale blue mystery dice located in the far left column near the top.

A new window will open called “Cooperative Quests”

The Cooperative Quest window shows you what the quest is and top right how many help notes you have to help you. If you hover your mouse over the last step (first box top left) it will tell you which facility it is made in and if you own it, how many you own. If you don’t have the facility to do the quest you can either buy it or let the quest expire.

This example is a 7 step quest with 5 steps completed and 2 left to do. Your quest could have less steps or more steps in it. Green ticks show the steps that have been done, the step with the help note on it means I need help with that step, the one with the picture shows a friend helped with that step.

You complete all the steps except for the last step by buying products from friends either actively or passively.

To buy products actively, say product X, a user must open their friend's Cooperative Quest Managers and look for quests containing product X and then click on it to buy it.

To do this you can order your neighbours bar at the bottom of the game screen, by clicking on anyone in the bar and choosing “*Order by Cooperative Quests”. All your neighbours that have co-ops open have a blue dot on their picture. Use the arrows on the right of the neighbours bar to see more of them. You can then click on a friends picture and choose “Show Cooperative Quests” to view their Quests. It's always best, when searching for products for your own Quest, to start with a friend showing either immediately to the right of you or the first one showing all the way at the far right end, so you make sure you don't miss anyone out.

You can also open a friend's Cooperative Quest Manager using the blue quest icon shown at the bottom left when you visit their farms. The quest icon will show as long as they have unfinished quests or quests they have not claimed the coins for yet.

You will see something similar to this >>

The small Envelope at the bottom left of the Window when clicked on, lets you send a message to that farmer. This can be handy if you think one of your neighbours may be struggling to get their Quest steps done. If you have what they need in your own quest steps then you can let them know by sending them a message.
You can also send a farm link in a message, if you find what they need in one of your Neighbours co-op quests. For details on how to do that click on this link: NEW: How to send a farm link in a Message

All the large pictures on the left side are Quests, you can either click on them to see them, or use the arrows at the bottom of the box to scroll through them. When there is a yellow help note on the picture that means your friend needs help with their quest. The number on the help note shows how many help notes they have placed that they still need help with. Remember you can only help your friend with one help note per quest. The example below shows 2 help notes on one Quest and 4 on another Quest:

Any step that is not greyed out means there is something you can do. For Quests that have more steps than the display can show, use the scroll bar to the right of the box to scroll through them.

If it’s not greyed out, and has a blue “Buy” button, hover over the “Buy” button and it will tell you if you need it for one of your quests. If you do, click on it to buy that product from them. This is an example of what it could look like, it may or may not have the green check mark. >>

As long as your friend has the products in their storage you can buy from them. If they do not have enough product for you to buy, when you click the “Buy” button you will see a floating message that tells you so.

Expired and Completed Quests can not be used to buy products so these are hidden when you are looking though other farmers Co-operative Quests.

If there is a picture with a help sticker placed on the step and a blue “Sell” button, this means your neighbour needs your help, you click on it to sell them that product. You may help them once per quest. This is an example of what it could look like>>

NOTE: Gift items can not be used for buying or selling in co-operative quests. Example: If your friend had a help note on blueberries and all you have is blueberries that came from the gift page, you can not help them with that step. If you had a help note on blueberries, in your own quest, and all your friend had in storage was blueberries that came from the gift page, they can not help you with that step. Only the regular (medium) and large boxes can be used. Gifts are the small size.
Clicking on the envelope icon, at the bottom of the window will let you send an in game message to the friend who has the quests you are currently viewing. They will find the message in their in game message envelope located at the top of their game screen. They can then click on the green man at the bottom of your message to go to your farm to view your quests if they wish to buy from your co-op quests.

Clicking on the blue dice, at the bottom right of the window, will allow you to view your own quests and when you are done click the x at the top right of the window to close them and you will go back to viewing the other quests.

Buying passively. If you don't find a product you need in your neighbours’ quest you can buy it passively by dropping the yellow Help icon over that product. You can request help from friends for only a certain number of steps per quest. The yellow help note top right of your quest will have a number on it to tell you how many help notes you have. You will always get at least one help note, but when there are multiple steps in the quest, you will never get enough to use one for every step. It is better to save these for the later steps, like a finished product, as the earlier steps are much easier to find among your friends. We recommend you try not to place these until you have at least one for every step left (this does not include the very last step which you must always complete yourself).

To use a help note you click your mouse on the help note then move to the picture of the step you need and click your mouse again to drop it.

If you make a mistake and put it on the wrong one, as long as no-one has already helped you with it, you can click on the help note again to move it either back to the top right of the box or on to another step. When your friends visit and check your Cooperative Quests they can sell it to you, by clicking on the picture. This is an example of what it looks like when you place a help note on a step >>

When a friend sells you products and helps you complete a quest step you will see their picture inside that quest step. Your friends do not need to be online for you to buy products from them and they don't have to approve the transaction either.

You must always complete the last step yourself (the last step is the first one top left, in this case “Produce Living Wall”, by starting/loading products in a facility. When you need to complete the last step, hover your mouse over the picture and you will see “Open”. Click on that and your facility will open so you can start the step. This is an example of what it looks like>>

You can also buy from a stranger, not just your friends/neighbours.
You can go online and go to either of the markets and click on any avatar and select "Show Cooperative Quests". If they are doing the co-operative quests you will see them and be able to buy what you need for your own quest. At the bottom of the window you will have the same navigation arrows to go from quest to quest or farmer to farmer as you do when viewing your neighbours quests. The only difference is that instead of a profile picture you will see their avatar picture.

If the farmer you clicked on does not have any active quests you will see a message telling you so. All you do use the arrows at the bottom of the window to view the next farmers quests.

You can also get to a farmers co-op quests by visiting their farms, via the avatar menu, and then clicking on the blue mystery dice at the bottom left of the game screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Buying from a stranger will cost you considerably more coins than buying from a friend/neighbour. Example 1 item costs 180 coins. What you pay is 180 x 2000 so it will cost you 360,000 coins. If you are not buying much, this will not seem so bad when you consider you can earn up to 15 million coins for completing the quest, you will still be making a large profit.

You can not help strangers with their help notes. If you see that they need something that you have in your own quest, you can send them a message to let them know you have what they need. Depending on where you are there are 2 methods to send a message to a stranger:
  • If you are on line and can see them, you can use the message envelope at the bottom of the co-op window to send them a Private Message. This then appears to them in the chat window at the bottom of the game screen, so if they are still at the same location you are, they will see it. No-one else will be able to see that private message.
  • If you are visiting a strangers farm and are viewing their co-ops, they may not be online or in the same location you are, so in this case do NOT use the message envelope at the bottom of the co-op window to send a message. Instead, you need to close the co-op window and click on the little notepad located bottom left of the screen to send them a message. This then sends the message to their in game messages instead of the live chat window, which they would only see if they were on line and are in the same location as you. When they read your in game message, if they wish to buy from your quest, they can then click on the green man at the bottom of the message to go to your farm to view your quests.

Once you have completed the quest you can collect the coins earned for doing it by clicking on the blue “Collect Coins” button and it will be added to the Cooperative Quests Completed chart.

The days and numbers show which day you completed a quest. If you hold off on collecting the coins for any reason, the quest will be added to the day you completed, NOT the day you collected coins.

The blue “Show Quests” button will show you the quests you have completed and claimed the coins for.

The “Claim Farm Cash” button when it is black will tell you the quest rules and how many quests you have completed and when you can next claim a Farm Cash reward.
When it is blue, you have completed enough quests to claim at least 1 FC and it will tell you.

Farm Cash Reward Rules - You must complete 4 quests in 7 days to claim 1 Farm Cash or you must complete 13 quest in 7 days to claim 2 Farm Cash.

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