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Originally Posted by frynsedamen View Post
. A lot of times i got 8 quests done and should get 2 FC but when I go to get them it only say 7 done and the I only get 1 FC. Why???? It happens to me 9 times now, I'm thinking about stop playing, work hard to get them and then cheats on me.
Hi frynsedamen

So sorry about your problem with quests, I will try to explain what has happened.

The chart below the quest screen only shows the quests you did in the last 7 days exactly to the seconds. If any of them has past the 7 days, then it dropps off the chart.

I checked your data, take in mind I will give you the times I can see from it. Those times are for USA eastern time, so if you are living in Denmark I think your local time would be 6 more hours. For example if I say 09:00 for your local time would be 15:00.

You collected 2 farmcash on October 13, at 02:50 eastern time. Your first quest for this week was completed the same day at 03:20. But today October 20, you collected farm cash at 03:34, so your first quest for this week dropped off the screen because for it the 7 days have past.

We always suggest, after collecting your farmcash, try to complete the first quest for the following week, the next day. That way, in case you cant enter the game on time, you will have enough hours until your first quest dropps off the chart.
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