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Default What do I receive for working on someones farm?

When you get hired to work on other peoples farm(s) you will get the following:
  • Crops: When you harvest crops for someone else you will receive 25% of the selling price of the crop that you are harvesting and you will receive 10% of the crop that you are harvesting.

  • Trees, flowers and fishing: When you harvest trees, flowers, chop trees or fish you will get 100% of the selling price instead of 25% like you get for the crops, since the crops you would receive more coins when selling, this was changed to try and balance out what the employee received for trees, flowers and fishing. You will also receive 50% of what you harvest, chop or fish compared to the 10% for the crops.

  • Plowing: When you plow someone else's farm you gain 5 coins and get 1 XP for each plot you plow.

Bonus Chest: When you are hired by a stranger from the market place, you can earn a bonus from the Bonus Chest that will be located in the upper left corner just under where the coins and fuel are located. Your Bonus consists of the same amount of coins and boxes you got doing the job and also you earn XP for harvesting flowers, trees, chopping and fishing. To be able to collect from the Bonus Chest you must complete ALL of the work on that farm that you was hired to do. If you don't see anymore work, but the Bonus Chest is saying there is more work to complete, you can do the following to see if there is something that is hidden. .
  • Reload the current farm. Make sure that it is the current farm only, if you click on a different farm that will end the Bonus Chest on the farm you was working on.
  • The eye icon in the bottom right corner set it to hidden (eye is fully closed) if it is not already set to hidden.
  • For each task you was hired to do, pick up each of the corresponding single tools and see if there is any work that needs to be completed.

As of 16 May 2018 you no longer need to click on the bonus chest to collect your bonus if there is more than one farm you need to work. If you navigate to the next farm the bonus chest will automatically pop up with the either the bonus in it or it will tell you if there is more work to be done in order to collect. IMPORTANT! IF you only have ONE farm to work or you are on the LAST farm to work and you are going back to your own farm instead of back to the market, you must still click the bonus chest BEFORE you leave in order to collect it.

*** Note: The Bonus Chest works only if you are hired by a stranger in the market place. If you are hired by a friend, neighbor or buddy you will not get a Bonus Chest. ***

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