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Originally Posted by bruhelmboldt View Post
Okay, I think there's a misunderstanding here, someplace. I went to the market and sold ALL my "non-ingredients", ALL my "exports", and HALF-OF-ALL that remained, then HALF-OF-ALL that remained again. That should take me down to about 25%, right? Nope. I'm still over 70%! And now I have over two and a half TRILLION coins. Is there a limit on coins? So what's up? More clarification is needed, please, if you can or if Raul can. Thank you!
Hi bruhelmboldt,
Just because you sell have of an item in your storage does not mean it will lower the percentage. The item is still there requiring the spaces. If you have say 2,000,000 of an item and you sell half then you still have 1,000,0000 of that item. That is the same amount of digits, so it still takes 7 spaces in the database. The percentage is not based on how much you have of each item, but is based on how many of the spaces you are using in the database.

And if there is a limit to coins we are not aware of what that is. I know that it is still much higher than what you have at this point.
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