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Default What are the Overhead Cranes?

Q. What are the Overhead Cranes for?
A. The Overhead Cranes automatically load the products in ships in your seaport with one click and send them on their way. For your own ships, they also allow you to Self Load your ship a set amount of times, if it has been stuck at a port for the minimum specified time.

There are 7 Overhead Cranes, one for each colour ship.

You must buy the Overhead Cranes in order. To buy the Overhead Crane Orange, you must first own the Overhead Crane Blue. To buy the Overhead Crane Green you must own the Overhead Crane Blue AND the Overhead Crane Orange and so on.

When you own all the Overhead Cranes you will be able to Load ALL of the ships in your Seaport with just one click.

These tools must be placed in your Item Storage to work fully and enable the Self Loading part of the tool. Once they are there, you don't have to do anything else with them, the game will recognize which ones you own. If you wish to have some of them on your farm for decoration then once you have purchased each one you can buy a duplicate for coins. These tools do NOT show up in your Toolbox as you do not need to click on the tool to use them.

How does the Overhead Crane work?

Each Overhead Crane owned will enable you to load any ship of the same colour with one click per ship instead of up to 11 clicks per ship. When you hover over the ship, instead of a black Enter Ship button you will see a blue Load Ship button. Clicking the Load All loads the ship and it it disappears from your seaport. Example:

When you own all the Overhead Cranes this activates the Load All button located at the top left of the Seaport Manager, in the My Seaport section. When you click that, ALL ships that are showing in your port at that time, will be automatically loaded and sent on to the next port. When there are no ships left in your Port the Load All button greys out.

If you do not own all the cranes the Load All button top left will be greyed out. As long as any Overhead Cranes you own are in your Item storage you can click Load All, even when it's greyed out, and you will see a popup telling you what you need to enable it. If you own any of the Overhead Cranes and they are in your Item storage the ones you own will show up in the popup and the ones you don't (or are not in your item storage) will be greyed out. Example:

If one of your ships has been stuck at a port for a long time and you own the relevant Overhead Crane, you can Self Load the products at the port it is stuck at in order to send it on to the next port. Each Overhead Crane has a set amount of Self Loads available per trip and the ship has to be stuck for a set amount of time before you can Self Load.

Note: You can not Self Load the last Port on the ships itinerary.

  • Blue Ship (needs Overhead Crane Blue) - Self Load up to 1 port after being stuck for 60 mins
  • Orange Ship (needs Overhead Crane Orange) - Self Load up to 2 ports after being stuck for 50 mins
  • Green Ship (needs Overhead Crane Green) - Self Load up to 3 ports after being stuck for 40 mins
  • Purple Ship (needs Overhead Crane Purple) - Self Load up to 4 ports after being stuck for 30 mins
  • Brown Ship (needs Overhead Crane Brown)- Self Load up to 5 ports after being stuck for 20 mins
  • Pink Ship (needs Overhead Crane Pink) - Self Load up to 6 ports after being stuck for 10 mins
  • Yellow Ship (needs Overhead Crane Yellow) - Self Load up to 7 ports any time you want

To Self Load: Look in the My Ships section of the Seaport Manager, open the Ship that is stuck at a port and then open the Ships Logbook.

If you own the relevant Overhead Crane for the ship and it has been stuck there for the minimum set time and you have self loads left to use, instead of Skip Port you will see Load Ship:

When you click Load Ship you will see a popup telling you what you are about to do and with which colour Overhead Crane and how many chances you will have left if you choose to proceed. Click the green check mark to proceed or the red X to cancel. Example:

If you don't see Load Port and and see Skip Port instead, look and see if there is a small crane showing above Skip Port. If you hover your mouse over Skip Port it will tell you how many chances you have left to Self Load that ship and if there is a time you need to wait until you can Self Load.

If there is no Crane icon showing above Skip Port and no information when you hover your mouse over it then you have used them all up.

Example of what you could see when you still have chances left to Self Load:

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