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Originally Posted by Tiger Laybourne View Post
Hi SusiLupi,

I had a look at the waters you have on farm 1. Some of the waters have been fished but some of them are showing ready to fish now. Any new waters you place take time until they are ready to be fished, coin waters take a day, Farm Cash waters take 8 hours.

Please take a look at your waters on farm one and see if you can also see some of the waters are ready to fish.

Please also check all aspects of the time and date are showing correct on your computer, as if any part is incorrect , it can mess with timings on the farms.
Hi Tiger Laybourne,

The waters on all my farms currently show as "grown in 14.5hrs" for me. I have been randomly clicking on them, so it seems they are working, but just not showing me that I'm catching anything. Odd. The date and time on my PC are correct.

I'll go and click some more and then check my storage.

Many thanks for your response.

Update: The waters are vanishing when they are empty, and the catch is going into storage. The messages on screen are still wrong, but I can live with that. :-)

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