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Default What is Storage for and where is it?

What is Storage for and where is it?

Storage is used to store anything harvested from farms, products made in facilities, for storing items you don't want to use yet and for moving items from one farm to another.

Your Storage has 2 sections, you access both by clicking on the Storage icon on the game bar. Image shown above. Then a window will open and at the top you will see:
  • Harvests & Products - You can not physically take anything out of this section. Everything in this section is either for using to make products, stocking services, trading or selling at market for profit. Some of these things can be sold to another farmer.
  • Items - Is where you can store items like tools, decorations, buildings, perhaps animals that you don't want to use at the time. Storage can be used to move them to another farm. These you can take in and out of storage. None of these things can be sold or given to another farmer.

  • Bait and manure for fertilizing farms are not stored in either of the Storage sections.
  • Bait when stored, goes to the appropriate waters you own.
    Freshwater bait goes to Rivers and Lakes, Seawater bait goes to Sea Coasts. The exception to this rule is any bait you send to a friend when you click on their bonus post, your share goes to storage, which you can use to stock the Fishing Tackle shop if you own one or just sell at market.
  • Manure is stored with the Manure Spreader.
  • You can not store animals until you own the second farm.

When there is a number in red on the storage icon that is how many of a harvested or produced item you have in storage. When you have more than 99 in it the red number changes to a + sign. This number has nothing to do with the amount of items you have in Item storage. Examples:

Both sections will be explained in more detail later in this Chapter. For now these are the basics:

Harvests & Products Storage
  1. The storing of what you, or someone you hire, harvests, chops, fishes from your farms, with tools like the harvest tool, axe and fishing rod or bigger tools, is automatic.
  2. When you harvest your Animal buildings - Chicken Coop (the one with the green roof), Wool Shed, Dairy Shed, Rabbit Hutch, Stables) - this is where the eggs, wool, rabbit fleece, horse hair etc is stored. Harvesting animals is not automatic, you have harvest them yourself, when they are ready, either from the building on the farm or from the Facility Manager.
  3. Products you make yourself in your facilities, are not automatically stored. When you have made products in your facilities you have to click the "Store" button to send them to your storage.
  4. Any products you earned when you helped a friend with their facilities automatically gets sent to your storage.
  5. Any harvests you earned when hired to work another farmers farms also automatically goes to storage.
When you open your storage for the first time it defaults to showing you the Harvests & Products section, but if you do not see it, all you do is click on the Harvests and Products button so it turns orange. Example below:

When making products in your facilities, the crops etc needed to make that item will automatically be taken from your Harvests & Products storage to make it. If you make a product that can then be used to make another product you must store the finished product in order for it to be able to be used to make the next item. Example: To make bread in the bakery, you must have enough wheat in storage to make flour in the windmill, you then make the flour. When the four is made you must store it from the windmill before it can be used to make bread in the bakery.

The Capacity Used top left of the window tell you how full the Harvests & Products section is. More details on this and the filters top right of the window are in Harvests & Products Storage Capacity and Filters

Item Storage is where you can store items you are not using, like decorations, buildings etc. When you have more than one farm , storage can be used to move items from one farm to another. To see what is in the Item section of storage you click on the Items button to turn it orange. Example below:

Your Capacity for this section is shown top left of the window. In the above example you can see this farmer has a total of 130 spaces and has used 3 of them. In most cases, each item will use one space, but there are exceptions. In the example above you can see only 3 spaces are used but there are 8 different items showing, that is because most animals do not count as using spaces, you can store as many of those as you like. Seasonal animals like the Mom and Baby Giraffe (Mothers Day category) are classed as a decoration so those do count. So, in the above example, the 3 spaces are used by the Autumn Flower Bed, Monster Candy Holder and the Pumpkin decorations.

How Item Capacity is calculated and used is explained in more details along with information on the filters and search tool top right in Item Storage Capacity and Filters

The +Add Capacity button, when clicked will show you a pop up of what is required to add more capacity. If you click the green check mark it will take you to the Invite tab where you can invite friends to play the game. Once they start playing, you can go to the My Neighbours tab to add them as a neighbour:

WARNING! Be very careful if you decide to move your facilities to other farms! There is no warning that tells you that you are placing a facility on a farm that already has one on it like there is when you buy a new facility.

Identical facilities on the same farm DO NOT not produce more, the second one becomes decoration and just copies the information of what is shown in the other one so it doesn't matter which one you look in. When you look in them, they will both have the same information. The duplicate doesn't actually produce or stock anything. You will not be able to see that you have multiples of the same facility on the same farm in the Facility Manager as only one of them is actually producing or stocking items.

If you were to place a second Farm Cash facility on a farm by mistake and you return to that farm there is a warning that tells you about it. Full details about that are in Chapter 13 What types of Facilities are there?

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