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Originally Posted by Aussie Rae View Post
have done all of that Taz, the same message shows the next day, its only 3 of my neighbors that this is happening with, all the others who have a warehouse seem to be working correctly... and as I said, I won't stress over it.. its just a game,
Hi Aussie Rae,

If you are able to, when the warehouse says products available to buy, but you are getting a message saying that they have none, and refreshing trade offers is not clearing them, ask your neighbor if they filled their warehouse and then individually sold the items in there to another farmer. I'm wondering if that's when it's not clearing from the warehouse.

Edit to add: I tried loading the warehouse then sold one offered to another neighbor and the sold offer updated fine for both that neighbor and another that had seen the offer there, also tried deleting one not sold, in case it was that, no problems with that either.

Have you noticed if it's the exactly the same offer that is not clearing, or is it different ones each day for those neighbors? Are they seeing the product as sold or are they seeing it as sold or still waiting to be sold?

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