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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
Hi nightowl,
I am sorry, but there isn't any way to fix this. Who and how many a farmer hires is up to them and not something that can be regulated. There isn't any way to restrict how many they can hire. Most that I know do hire only one.
I am one of those who NEVER hires people who request solo only or obnoxious hire me posters. The solo only just irritates me for some reason and the second is pretty obvious. I do however, only hire solo and that has backfired on me more than once when my worker has abandoned my farm (for whatever reason) and my short term crops have gone bad. I have learned to either do those myself or stay on the game and monitor them.
But like others have stated, it is a game. Life happens and in the big scheme of things, it is just a small thing. I have played this game for over ten years and it has been a great distraction in times when I very much needed one. I can easily let go of the small stuff lol
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