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Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
thank you , i know all this .. i mentor several players teach how to play and all the many many things need to know about FT and some players are just not comprehending the many uses of the FM, i put up the FM help u have in chapter files but i didn't see anything there to teach players how to use the ? to see facility specific how to check supplies, turn off a particular product etc... (did tell them about ingredient planner) but using the green ? is faster for some things .. i will just make my own, wanted to use slashkey if there was one .. you be surprised how many players do not understand the obvious or what seems to us to be self explanatory .. thank you i just want to be sure i was not missing it
Hi JNelson,

I have added a brief description of the ? in the Game Guide, same link i gave you which should help some. It does already tell you in there how to remove a check mark for a facility or a product.
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