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Originally Posted by Tiger Laybourne View Post
Hi earlgray,

Thank you for your detailed information

I am still struggling with reproducing issue 1, although it did eventually revert for me after about half an hour of trying. I'm thinking there is something else that you are doing that i am not that might make it go wrong sooner, but i don't know what that is. However i do agree the IP should have remembered your last choice and not reverted to a previous selection.

Thanks to your explanation of issue 2 i have been able to reproduce that with the hide (eye) tool.

Please go ahead and report both issues to support. To contact them click on the link below, fill out the form and submit it. Please be patient as it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for them to respond to you depending on how many tickets they have ahead of yours.

You will receive an automatic response email when you submit your ticket. That email will have your ticket number and a link for you to check the status of your ticket, so please do not delete that email. If you do not see the email then check your spam folder as sometimes those emails get classified as spam.
Thanks Tiger. I submitted them as two separate reports. Now when I actually try to make the IP problem happen, it doesn't, so you're probably right that there is something else involved, but I don't have any idea what. I just know that it's happened to me several times. When it happens again, I'll try to see if I can think of anything that might have influenced it. Or maybe it's just random. Pretty hard to debug that kind of problem.
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