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Default Being able to hide factories, service building, animal sheds, etc of the likes

I'm asking for you to reconsider your rule of not allowing hiding things like animal sheds, oil pump, factories, services and other similar items in these groups. I don't know if this has been suggested already or not, there are to many suggestions to go tho to find one. Anyway,, for instance, there can be ONLY ONE shed per farm, and after getting it full of animals, it's not an easy chore to more it, and then we have to have a farm that don't already have one on it, and that is very unlikely . There are other items that are the same way, such as oil pumps, mineral mines, etc that only one is allowed per farm and like the oil pumps, a farmer dang near needs one on every farm to get by for their work load. Not being able to hide these ugly things on a design to be entered in a contest is a disgrace to the design. Thank your for reading my suggestion and truly hope you might reconsider the rule
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