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Originally Posted by WillowTreeFarm View Post
I have a question about a co op quest I started this morning. It is the Cupcake Pancakes in the House of Pancakes. The quest has 19 more & different ingredients than what is called for in the House of Pancakes Ingredient list. Is this right?
Hi WillowTreeFarm,

When you look for the ingredients to make an item, it will list anything needed to make it. For Quests, if like the Cupcakes Pancakes it needs products made in other facilites to make it, the quest also asks you for the the ingredient needed to make that product. Example: one of the ingredients for that quest is flour, so it will not only ask you to find flour but also the wheat to make that flour. Vanilla extract requires vanilla, sugar and grain alcohol, so for that it might also ask you find not only the vanilla, sugar and grain alcohol, but also the ingredients to make the sugar and the grain alcohol as well.
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