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How do i collect produce delivered by the trains?

A: To check the progress of your train click on the 'Train Status' tab.

For each car you will see how many units are being carried and how many are pending to load. The progress bar indicates the progress of the train across all the markets. The scroll bar to the right allows you to scroll through the list.

The Train Status section of each train is the only place you can check the amount of products your train is carrying at any given time. This can also be accessed via the Train Manager.

As soon as the train has visited all the markets and returns to your farm, the Unload Train button in the Train Status section will no longer be greyed out and will be blue. Then you can click the 'Unload Train' button to move all products to your Storage.

It's at this point, when the train is unloaded and BEFORE you dispatch the train, that you can add, remove any cars on the train, or move the train and or cars to another location or farm.
Remember if you make alterations to your trains you need to check that all the cars are connected correctly before you dispatch it again.

Another way to check how long until your trains are back and ready to be dispatched is to use the "Show Times" Tool in the Toolbox.

Click on the Tool and the click on the "Trains" tab. It will show you all your trains and which farms they are on.

If there is a green check mark, that train has returned home and is ready for you to unload it and dispatch it again.

If there is a time showing, that is how long until it returns home. If you hover over the time and the train can still be boosted, it will tell you that.

There is now a Train Manager in your Toolbox, which allows you to unload, dispatch and boost all of your trains on all of your farms from any of your farms. You can also Boost (Accelerate) your friends trains from there. Full details about it are explained later in this Chapter.

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