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Default What are the Transplanters?

Q. What are the Transplanters?

These tools are upgrades to the Multi Planter tools. They will transplant trees and or flowers from one part of the farm to another part of the same farm as long as you have enough clear space on your farm to move them to. To buy one of these you must first own the same size Mulitplanter.

To buy the Transplanter 4x4, you must first own the Multi Planter 4x4
To buy the Transplanter 8x8, you must own both the Multi Planter 4x4, Multi Planter 8x8 and Transplanter 4x4.

*NOTE* The Transplanters will NOT move trees/flowers from one farm to another farm.

The 4x4 Transplanter will move up to 16 trees or flowers.
The 8x8 Transplanter will move up to 64 trees or flowers.
The 12x12 Transplanter will move up to 144 trees or flowers.
The 16x16 Transplanter will move up to 256 trees or flowers.
The 24x24 Transplanter will move up to 576 trees or flowers.
The 32x32 Transplanter will move up to 1024 trees or flowers.
The 40x40 Transplanter will move up to 1600 trees or flowers.

To use your machine to transplant, it must be on the farm or in storage.

You can do 2 things. . .
  • If the tool is on your farm, you can click on the tool and click "Transplant Items"
  • However, it is better to place all tools into your Storage. That way you can access all your tools from the Yellow Tool box, on any of your farms, without having to move the tool from farm to farm. Once they are in Storage, you can click on the Yellow Toolbox to open it, and then click on the tool you want to use.
  • NOTE: Farm Cash Tools do not count towards your storage capacity, you can store as many of those as you want.

Once you have clicked on the tool you will see this menu where you can choose to transplant "All trees AND All flowers", "All trees OR All flowers", "specific trees OR flowers". Chose your option then hover over the trees/flowers you want to move to highlight them. When you have highlighted them click on them to move them, then when you have moved them to the new position, click again to set them down.

The "Duplicate Pattern" option duplicates any flowers and trees pattern you have in your farm.
  • To use this, put a check mark in the box next to Duplicate Pattern
  • Then click on one of the 3 options in blue to chose which trees/flowers you want to duplicate
  • Hover your mouse over the trees/flowers on your farm that you want to duplicate to highlight them.
  • On the first click in the farm it will select the pattern and each click after that will buy from the store all the required trees and flowers and will plant them in your farm.

This option does not duplicate trees or flowers that are available via gifts only.

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