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Default What are the Animal Harvesters?

Q: What are the Animal Harvesters?

A: The animal harvesting tools are used to harvest ALL the animal sheds (providing you have all the tools needed) using the 'Harvest All' button in the facility manager. There are 4 tools.

- Milking Station - Harvests ALL dairy sheds in ALL farms.

- Shearing and Cutting set - Harvests ALL wool sheds, rabbit hutches and stables in ALL farms.

- Egg Collector - Harvests ALL chicken coops in ALL farms

- Manure Collector - Harvests ALL pigsties on ALL farms
NOTE: To store manure you must own the manure spreader.

When you own at least one of these tools you can use the Harvest All button located at the top of the Facility Manager.

Once you own at least one of these tools, you will also have the option to designate a farm a "Quest Farm" which would stop the animals sheds from being harvested on that farm when using the "Harvest All" button which could be useful for quest purposes. For more details see the following post >>

  • To use these tools you must place them into Storage. It is always best to do this, that way the game can see which tools you own should an upgrade to a tool be released in the future.
    NOTE: Farm Cash Tools do not count towards your storage capacity, you can store as many of those as you want.

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