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Default How do you Prepare a ship?

How do you Prepare a ship?

First you must purchase one of the ships and place it on your farm. Click on the Ship and select "Show Ship Details".

Preparing a Ship means to prepare each of the containers it will carry. There are a total of 10 containers which are already part of the Ship, no need to buy them in the Store. Each container brings a different selection of products.

The on each container will show you the products each container will bring. You can only prepare one container at a time. The preparation time for each container can vary from 45 to 60 minutes, depending of the type of Ship being prepared.

You have a maximum of 24 hours to prepare as many containers as you can and then Dispatch the Ship. If 24 hours have passed after you started the preparation of the Ship and you don't Dispatch the Ship in that timeframe, you will have to start the Preparation phase all over again. So when starting the Preparation of each container, you will not only need to decide which container to prepare based on the products it brings, but also whether you think you will be able to Dispatch the Ship on time.

You can Prepare one Ship every 20 hours as long as you are not already preparing another ship.

To show the Ship Manager for each Ship, click on a ship and select Show Ship Details. On the first Tab you will be able to Prepare, Dispatch and Unload your Ship. In the second Tab you will see the itinerary of the Ship, including the order of each neighbour Port to visit.

In the Ship Containers tab you will see this >>

Click on "Prepare Ship" top right of the box.
Hover over the box of the container you want to add to the ship and you will see "Prepare Container".

When you click on "Prepare Container" the box will turn pink and show you it's progress >>

Once the progress is done on that container you can then prepare another container for your ship. The time it takes for a container to be prepare depends on the ship, from 45 to 60 minutes per container.

You will receive a pop-up message telling you when your container has completed loading. When you click the green tick the Ship Manager for that ship will be opened so you can prepare the next container. If you are busy doing something else and don't want to open the ship you can click the red x to close the pop-up. This is an example of the message >>

During this Preparation phase ONLY you may change up to 10 ports on your ships itinerary and change the order of the ports it visits. Scroll down to the next post to see how to do this "How do i change my ships itinerary?"

Once you have started preparing your ship, the Mayor will assign an itinerary to that Ship consisting of the 30 neighbours that have helped you in the last week. The list is complied of those showing in the Games activity Panel beneath the game screen that says "XXX sent you a gift" etc. If there is not enough in that list then the rest of the itinerary will be compiled of the most recently-active neighbours you have.

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