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Default What are the Ships?

What are the Ships?

A Cargo Ship will allow you to collect products by visiting up to 30 Ports, located on your neighbours farms.

You will be able to buy up to 7 Cargo Ships, located in the Trains/Ships category, all in coins, although it's possible that in the future we release additional farm cash Ships or Tools.

To buy each Ship you will have to have a certain number of neighbours. You can buy more than one ship of the same color, for decoration, however only one will carry products. Here are the 7 ships with the levels and neighbours required:

Cargo Ship Blue, level 100, requires 10 neighbours
Cargo Ship Orange, level 200, requires 15 neighbours
Cargo Ship Green, level 300, requires 20 neighbours
Cargo Ship Purple, level 400, requires 25 neighbours
Cargo Ship Brown, level 500, requires 30 neighbours
Cargo Ship Pink, level 600, requires 35 neighbours
Cargo Ship Yellow, level 700, requires 40 neighbours

NOTE: The Ships require Fuel to dispatch them.
If you do not have enough Fuel to dispatch a ship you will see a notification telling you when you try to dispatch it.

To see the Cargo ships on your farms and other farmers farms, make sure there is a check mark added in your game preferences for "Show Ships". If you do not want to see them you can remove the check mark.
If at a later stage you do not want the cargo ships on your farms, you can store them and just use the seaport Manager to mange them instead. How to use the Seaport Manager is explained later in this Chapter.

If you do not wish to participate in this feature you can disable your port so no ships are sent to you.
Click on How do i Opt out of doing the Ships?

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