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Default Uninvited Guests

I'm an old timer who farms for fun and relaxation, and I visit the markets (and the forum) to interact with others who enjoy farming for the same reason(s) I do.

It gets frustrating when I go to the marketplace to hire folks, finally get an RSVP to my invite, then arrive at my farm to find all sorts of strangers there. (It's cool that the game allows us to visit another's farm from the market.) What bugs me about that, though, is this: I find there are often 2 - 6 farmers just standing on my farm.

I attempt to engage them, and they do not respond.

I'm mentioning it only to get some feedback from other farmers; I do't expect there's any remedy for it. Do others find the same thing happening on their farms? Does it annoy you, too? Do you simply ignore them?

What say you, fellow farmers?
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